Tuesday, June 21, 2011

B.C. Parlour Meeting

Eight of us met at the home of Jennifer Cooper. It was great to meet some of our fellow members and learn alittle about each other.
As a new group we had serveral things to discuss. One very imprortant aspect is to have a local group that is active and relevant to us. Regular meetings will also help to keep everyone up to date about all that is happening. As a group we must decide what we want the group to do for us.
Many are interested in compiling lists of support such as web sites, books, stores, and whatever else seems os use to us.
One of the issues raised was why SDA and SAQA are not one organization. Paulette Cornish spoke to this issue by telling us of her experience at the conference in Denver where they discussed what our organization stands for.
Paulette and Jennifer have both tsken part in the Visioning Project and spoke about what it meant to them
We feel that with leadership we can create a strong, active group in our area. Things such as a local blog would help keep us in touch.
After show and share, there was a proposal to do critques using the SAQA outline.
Achieving a workable group means meeting regularly, probably in the lower mainland.
Everyone present agreed to think about what they want this branch of SAQA to do for them and then we will create goals that we hope will include all members.
We made a start and we will keep moving forward with the participation os all the great members and new members to come
Jill Sullivan

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pulse "Alberta Society Of Artists At 80 Years "

To all SAQA members that are within travelling distance to Calgary.

"Pulse" Alberta Society Of Artists At 80 Years"

July 9th, 2011 ->August 24th, 2011. Place "Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts" (Next to Calgary City Hall), will host a two-part exhibition honouring past artistic achievements as well as recent work by 11 members. One of the 11 is our dear Alberta ,SAQA talented Artist "Barbara West"
Barbara's title of her installation is called "Drinking Games"   
Barbara, just completed a BA (Honours) degree in Embroidered Textiles from The Julia Caprara School of Textile Arts and Middlesex Universtity in London, England. A wonderful achievement Barbara!

Other SAQA members showing their fine talents over the summer are:
"lIse Anysas -Salkaukas "lIse has 2 fibre art works entered into "The Alberta Society of Artist's juried exhibitions .
"Peaks of the Canadian Rockies"  June 1st->August 28, 2011. Time 11 a.m.->4 p.m. Wednesday->Friday & 10 a.m.->4 p.m. Saturday & Sunday, 707-13th Ave SW, Calgary.
"The Forest Show" An exhibition of artwork by Alberta artists for the International Year of the Forest. Time Tuesday->Saturday: 10:00am->4:00pm , June 4th-> July 9th, 2011.
South Calgary. For directions www.leightoncentre.org/contact/drivingdirections.html

This would be an excellent opportunity for any SAQA members & friends to get together and see, visit and enjoy some awesome show's that members of SAQA have participated in!

Happy playing in your sewing rooms whether inside or out!
Warmest wishes to everyone for a safe & healthy summer.

Next SAQA meeting in Red Deer, My Home. September 15th 10 a.m.-230 p.m. Agenda will be posted early September. Mark it down on your calendars.

Patti Morris

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Update from the Conference in Denver

AB member Margaret Blank recently submitted this image of the "Canadian 5" attending the banquet at the SAQA Conference in Denver, CO in May 2011.
Thanks to Leo, Carol Howard Donati's husband for taking the photo and to Margaret for sharing it!
From left to right:
Back row: SAQA Atlantic Co-rep Teri Springer, Carol Howard Donati
Front Row: Mary Pal, Margaret Blank, Paulette Cornish

BC Parlour Meeting Reminder, June 14th

For complete information please check the May 18th posting!
Report on the SAQA conference in Denver by anyone who attended.
Jill will pick up any pieces the were accepted  for the "Connected Across the West" juried exhibition at the meeting and save shipping for anyone that can attend.
Bring a friend! We love to show our art to everyone and possibly gather new members.
I hope to meet many members at Jennifer's, it would be great to connect faces with the names.
Jennifer would appreciate knowing how many are able to come.. so I have included her email.
If you have questions or suggestions please let me know.

Jill Sullivan
SAQA/Western Canada/BC

Jennifer Cooper has generously offered to host a meeting for us Tuesday, June 14th at 2:00
Jennifer lives at 5701 Owl Court in North Vancouver

Phone 604.987.5701

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AB SAQA Parlour Meeting a success!

I had the privilege of attending the first Alberta SAQA Parlour meeting yesterday. Patti hosted the gathering in her house and soon after everyone gathered an energetic meeting was under way which resulted in setting goals, identifying areas individual members wanted to explore as well as a great show and share session. More details will be posted once the information has been transcribed!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Attention SAQA members who had work in the NJS in London

To all SAQA Western members that submitted pieces into the Canadian National Juried Show. I just got off the phone with Diane Carson, NJS Coordinator. I called because of the Postal Strike that is to occur at midnight. All out of Province pieces are with her and will not ship until she knows what is happening with Canada Post. If the strike looks like it will go for an extended period of time then she will find another means to transport our pieces back to us like UPS?
I did not want any members worried about their lost treasures!
Patti Morris
Alberta Rep