Thursday, September 19, 2013

BC Parlour Meeting

The next meeting will be October 2nd, at the home of Jennifer Cooper, 5701 Owl Court, North Vancouver, 11 am until about 2:30. Please bring your lunch. Jennifer will provide beverages.
Please let Jennifer know if you are able to attend.   or 604.987.5701

Catherine Nicholls has agreed to give a presentation at the meeting and has asked for ideas. You may learn more about Catherine and the many topics that she could cover by going to .

At this meeting we will also discuss the direction that people wish to take with this group. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

I have THIS IS A QUILT, Trunk show B and it will also be at the meeting and is available for anyone to use at other groups such as guilds. This is a trunk show that is designed to be laid out or passed around. There are suggestions on how to discuss this show in a group setting. Please let me know if you can use this in your local guilds or other groups. I have this show until the end of December, at which time I will ship it back to SAQA.
Hope to see you soon