Friday, September 29, 2017

What Our Members are Up To...

While the Blog Editor's away, our SAQA WC members continue to 'play'...  😉

Play a key role in the textile/art quilt community, that is, bringing their work to the world both through SAQA exhibitions and on their own.  I'm just back from 17 days in Scotland...mainly off line -- and here are just a few bits of news that came to my attention once I reconnected!

Cottonwood Delta Blues
Jaynie Himsl, SK
Jaynie Himsl of Saskatchewan's piece, Cottonwood Delta Blues makes a 'splash' as SAQA's H20H! exhibit -- currently on show at the National Quit Museum in Paducah, Kentucky -- is highlighted in a video on The Quilt Show blog.

B.C. members, Lesley Turner and Sarah McLaren, held a short but successful exhibit, Colour: A Personal Response, at ARTSea Gallery in Sidney, B.C. (You can read more about this on Lesley's blog, HERE.)

And SAQA WC Co-Rep for B.C., Jennie Johnston, has secured a spot as in Artist in Residence at the Forest Grove Elementary School -- where her sons are students -- via an Artist in the Classroom grant from ArtStarts in Schools.  You can read more about that adventure on her blog, HERE.

In the 2017 SAQA Benefit Auction, which continues through October 8, B.C. member Terry Aske was thrilled to have her piece, Heron Reflected 2, sold on the opening day!  Karen Johnston's piece, 4-Patch and Beyond, was also sold during Section 1, while pieces by Margaret Blank and Susan Selby are now available for purchase in the SAQA Store.

Still available in Section 2 are pieces by Pippa Moore and Karlie McChesney, while coming up in Section 3, opening Monday, October 2, at 2 p.m. ET, are pieces by SAQA WC members Ellen Bourassa, Jaynie Himsl and Susan Purney Mark. 

Of course, there are also dozens of pieces by our SAQA colleagues from all around the globe, some of whom have become very well known, and others who may be entering the exhibiting world for the first time with their auction pieces.  Selling a piece is a real boost to all artists, but selling that very first piece...well...that's something particularly special! 

Best wishes for success for all who participated in this year's fund-raiser and wide-open exhibit opportunity!

Remember, if you have an item of note -- a technique, process, artistic experience or exhibit to share with your SAQA colleagues; an article published; a prize won; a book to recommend; a new member (even if it's yourself!) to introduce from your part of our wide Region...please contact Margaret, your long-suffering Blog Editor!  😉  She'll be happy to report it, and will give you any guidance you need in preparing the information needed for the blog post.

Thank you for your support!

Monday, September 11, 2017

MCOTW: Canada -- off to France!

If you want to see the SAQA exhibit My Corner of the World: Canada sometime in the next year, you'll have to travel to France to do it.  As SAQA member Bethany Garner has just reported on the SAQA Central Canada blog, here are the four venues in France where the work of les canadiennes will be showing:

Exhibition sites in France during 2017-18


LINK for exploring the site:


Catalogue available!

SAQA Western Canada artists represented in MCOTW: Canada
Terry Aske
Margaret Blank
Jaynie Himsl
Paula Jolly
Marie McEachern
Mardell Rampton
Janet Scruggs

Congratulations to all the participants!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

SAQA's Annual Online Benefit Auction 2017: SAQA WC is There!

In just a bit more than a week, SAQA opens its 2017 Online Benefit Auction, with it's "Diamond Day, September 15th.  At 2 p.m. Eastern Time on that day, all the pieces will be up for purchase for $1,000 USD each!

Those not sold on Diamond Day will proceed to the weekly auction, starting with Section 1 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, September 18.

This year, nine SAQA WC members have contributed to the Auction:

On offer in Section 2

On offer in Section 1

On offer in Section 3

On offer in Section 3

On offer in Section 1

On offer in Section 2

On offer in Section 2

On offer in Section 3

On offer in Section 1

Thanks to you all for contributing your time and talent to SAQA's fund-raising efforts!  Funds raised go, in part, to ensuring that the art quilts created in "our corner of the world" travel abroad, secure and insured, to educate people everywhere about the power and beauty of the studio art quilt.  😊

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Meanwhile in Calgary...

Just opened in Calgary -- through mid-September, so catch it quickly while you can!

Contextural describes itself thus:

Contextural is a community of textile artists fostering a cooperative creative environment in support of the production of artistic works. Contextural contributes to the artistic advancement of our members through access to a collaborative working environment, professional development and the exhibition of new work.

This particular exhibit is the group's annual show of work done during its summer residency at the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD).  Several SAQA Western Canada members belong to Contextural -- Diane Duncan,  Terri Illingworth, Wendy Klotz, Lorraine Ross and Lynda Williamson.  However, as of this writing, their participation in this year's exhibit is unconfirmed, for which I apologize.  (If one of these gals can elucidate in the comments or by e-mail to me, I'd appreciate it!)