Monday, April 27, 2015

A Deadline Approacheth!

Did you realize that June 1 is the submission deadline for the 2015 SAQA Benefit Auction?

It is.  :-)

"Yellow Tree" - inspired by a song
written by Steve Martin
& Gary Scruggs
I'm on my way to Portland, OR on Wednesday to the SAQA International Conference, "Fiberlandia".  I'm taking with me ten art quilts that have been entered into the Auction for September: nine from generous artists who participated in our "Meet the Best of the West" touring exhibit...and one (new one - pictured left) of my own.  (Note: this photo taken just before facing was applied.  It's now finished and in my carry-on bag with the others.)

I was going to wait till my return to bug you about submitting to this year's auction but...why?  We've had snow here in Central Alberta, and it's still too cold to get into the garden so...If you've got some time for your studio in the next couple of weeks -- go for it!  :-)

Special thanks to these members for their "Best" donations:

  • Marie Barry, Sechelt, B.C.;
  • Rena Holma, Regina, SK;
  • Karen Johnson, Langley, B.C.;
  • Paula Jolly, Mossbank, SK;
  • Pippa Moore, Comox, B.C.;
  • Patti Morris, Red Deer, AB;
  • Patricia Scott, Edmonton, AB;
  • Linda Sharp, North Vancouver, B.C.,; and
  • Jill Sullivan, Sechelt, B.C.
Stay tuned for a Post-Conference Newsletter.  Meanwhile...maybe you too will be inspired by a song...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Corner of the World: Canada!

Yesterday on the SAQA website not one -- but two! --  Calls for Entry were posted -- the result of many months of hard work and planning.

Special thanks go to Martha Sielman, our Executive Director, Gwyned Trefethen, Chair, SAQA Exhibition Committee and her entire team, to William Reker, SAQA Traveling Exhibition Coordinator, and most importantly, to MICAELA FITZSIMMONS, our steadfast negotiator and Canadian liaison for both the all Canada (Regional) Exhibition and International MCOTW Exhibition. Micaela has been selected to act as Juror for both the International and Canadian traveling exhibitions.
Also, very special thanks go to Christine Nielsen, SAQA Regional Representative, Atlantic Canada, who carried the appeal to the SAQA Board of Directors that Canadian members of SAQA were keen to support an ALL CANADA SAQA members exhibition... a very special Exhibition that would speak to the majesty, diversity, cultural values and strong partnerships that exist all across Canada, supporting the Arts, and in our case, particularly the Fibre Arts as members of Studio Art Quilt Associates.
SAQA invites each and every one of its Canadian SAQA members to consider the Call for Entry, posted at (check under the "Resources" tab) and begin now to plan their very special quilts, destined to be a part of this truly wonderful Exhibition opportunity.

The SAQA 'All Canada' (Regional) Exhibition

You are invited, as a Canadian artist, to create a glimpse of the spirit of Canada; to convey through your art something true, meaningful and important about our beautiful country and its people. We are excited by the thought of galvanizing our creative community to express and share, through this exhibit, our vision of Canada. 

Few countries are as richly blessed as ours in geography, humanity, diversity, and artistic tradition. A vision of your corner of Canada might capture a vignette of everyday life or a unique landscape. Perhaps it is a reflection on the mosaic of Canadian peoples or draws on some iconic feature of Canadian history or ideals. Whether reverent, reflective, funny or whimsical, the story you tell should embody the Canadian experience from your unique corner of this land.

Daring to capture the ocean in a cup, you might look for inspiration to the great masters of Canadian artistic expression, visual artists, musicians and writers who have interpreted an essential feature of Canadian life with such perfection that it reflects something authentic about the whole country.

Your artwork can be representational or take an abstract approach. Let the cloth speak to the viewers. We are eager to see what the hearts, minds and skills of Canadian textile artists will craft as a woven love song to this unique and beautiful land.

AND the second call? 

A TWO PART EXHIBITION is coming to Stratford Perth Museum in May of 2016!

At the same time, SAQA has posted the INTERNATIONAL CALL and Prospectus for the partner exhibition opportunity to open at Stratford next spring.

MY CORNER OF THE WORLD is open to all members of SAQA around the globe, (and yes!!! our Canadian members may submit entries to both concurrent Exhibition Calls for Entry).

While the Canadian (Regional) Exhibition will tour Canada for up to two years (and may have the opportunity to travel to Europe), the International Exhibition will tour not only in tandem with the Canadian Exhibition while here in Canada, but will travel in the United States as opportunities become available.
All of the juried quilts will premier at STRATFORD PERTH MUSEUM in Stratford, ON in May of 2016 and travel for at least two years.
Dreams do come true... and how very exciting this opportunity can be for each of our members across Canada.  We hope you will join your fellow SAQA members here and abroad in making these two exhibitions a reality!!!
Please take the time now to visit the link below for all of the details for the two separate Calls for Entry  and view each Exhibition's information/requirements.

We encourage you to share the news with your friends in Canada who are  SAQA members, and invite friends and colleagues to consider membership in SAQA so they too may take advantage of this opportunity to speak to Canadians across the country with their Art ...
Thanks once again to the entire Exhibitions Committee/SAQA Board team... and we join them in looking forward to your participation!

All of the information, and the Exhibition Prospectus outlining the entry details may be found at
and on the Call for Entry pages HERE (scroll down).