Saturday, December 21, 2013

Getting the Word Out

Orthrozanclus Reburrus
- Terry Aske

The Rocky Mountain Outlook, a newspaper from Canmore, Alberta, recently published an article about our newest touring exhibit, The Burgess Shale Project.  Thanks to Hanne Seidel for passing on this information.  You can read the article, "Art Quilts Bring Ancient Critters to Life" HERE.

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Review from a Visitor to The Burgess Shale Project

This morning I received this e-mail, and am delighted to have permission to pass it along to you.  The Burgess Shale Project is a hit!

Hi Patti and Margaret,
I wanted to email you right away to tell you that I had an opportunity to see the quilts in your Burgess Shale exhibit yesterday.
First of all… They are ALL magnificent!! I mean that with many exclamation marks!! My parents and I drove out to Turner Valley school yesterday in -20° C conditions, where we met my sister and the librarian Carol. I must also say that the published book that goes with the show, while it is a terrific addition, doesn’t do those quilts one bit of justice. In fact, the little book pales in comparison to the bright dynamic quilts seen in person!! Every one of them was a stand alone work of art, as I walked from one to the next, I couldn’t wait to inspect the beautiful fabrics, stitches, layers and appreciated each creative interpretation of each “critter”. 
The librarian, Carol, was sure pleased to have them. She had them hung nicely, some she was embarrassed to say had to be hung too high as there wasn’t enough good spaces to put them. I didn’t mind that, as it was a library and she was just trying to give them all their deserved viewing space. She said the kids response to them was outstanding, viewing the backs as interesting as the fronts.
You should ALL be so proud of your talented group of quilt artists. I would LOVE to participate in something like this in the future. I am hoping that through SAQA there will be other opportunities to come. Those beautiful little quilts have all inspired me to be the quilt artist I know I can be.
I enjoyed the show immensely and look forward to seeing it again,Alison

The Burgess Shale Project will be at Turner Valley School through  December 11.  From there it moves to the Bighorn Library in Exshaw, Alberta, from December 18 through January 22, 2014.  Further information and a pdf calendar of the exhibit's venues can be found through the TREX website.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Looking for Gifts?

"Circle Play"
(C) Margaret Blank
How about shopping online at the SAQA store?  There's a variety of art quilts to choose from, including one by yours truly in the "Trunk Show 2013" (This is a Quilt!) category.  ;-)

Or you can purchase beautiful books, including catalogues from SAQA Exhbibits such as "Sight Lines" or "Seasonal Palette", which tell you about each piece and its artist, illustrated with photographs of their work.

For a quilting friend, you might find just the right selection of SAQA signature thread (Aurifil brand) or the perfect DVD.

There's nothing like shopping at home -- quiet, relaxed, even in your "jammies".  Enjoy!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Kid on the Block

As the newest SAQA Western Canada (WC) Co-Rep, I thought I'd stop by the blog to say "Hi!" to all our members, but especially those in Alberta.

It seems to be that when new Co-Reps arrive, the weather lets loose!  Just as Dawn was fighting the March Lion in Dauphin earlier this year, I've been spending a great deal of time shovelling out from under three -- count 'em! -- three snow-blows since November 2.
My back yard - Nov. 3, 2013

I shouldn't complain, though, as this is great weather for spending time in my studio -- and for dipping into some of the resources SAQA provides for Regional Reps.

 Not the least of these are the resources SAQA makes available to all of its members.  How about that spiffy new website, eh?  I'll brag (just a bit) and tell you that I was on the first wee 'focus group'-type sub-committee that worked on what could/should/might go into the re-designed site.  What a great job the final committee did to make our early vision possible!

If you haven't visited yet, I urge you to drop over; there's lots to see!  You might take a particular look at these areas:

  • Your SAQA Region -- for all that's happening on a regional level;
  • Art Quilt Resources -- a wealth of information on where to find teachers, appraisers, photographers; on business development; on educational programs and collectors...and much, much more; and
  • The Blog -- news and notes from the SAQA-sphere.

Taking over the Alberta Co-Rep position from Patti Morris means I have some pretty big shoes to fill.  Living only an hour or so from Patti has given me an opportunity to get to know her a bit, and to help her out when our travelling exhibits were on display nearby -- such as "Meet the Best of the West" when it opened in Red Deer, and when it returns there at the end of next month.

When I was asked if I would consider being a WC Co-Rep, I'll admit I was terrified.  Our Region -- B.C. through Manitoba -- comprises over 1.1 million square miles and is equivalent to approximately 29% of Canada's entire land mass!  Alberta alone is about 211,000 square miles in area.  No matter that most of our members are clustered in or around Calgary -- it's no surprise that, with our geography, we've never even attempted to get together in one place!  And with weather like ours, travelling to far-flung communities is best reserved for the latter part of April through mid-September.

Nonetheless, I am hopeful that we'll be able to have at least one in-person Parlour Meeting in each of the next two years, and perhaps have some online conferences (webinars) in between.  These possibilities have yet to be explored, but in this introduction, I am also throwing down a gauntlet!

To date our Alberta meetings have been fairly small and held (except for one) in Patti's home in Red Deer.

My home in Mirror is even smaller...and besides, it's still in Central Alberta.

So!  I'm calling on the members in the larger centres of the province -- Calgary and Edmonton in particular but Lethbridge, Camrose, Canmore,  and/or Medicine Hat are not exempt! -- to come up with potential venues for a May or June 2014 Parlour Meeting. 

  • It could be a one-day event, or a two-day event that includes some sort of learning experience -- which ideally would be provided by one (or more) of our own talented members...
  • Perhaps the meeting could be tied in with the location of the Burgess Shale Project exhibit at that time (St. Albert the Great School, Calgary, April 9 - May 14; Millarville Community Library, May 21 - June 18; Beiseker Station Museum, June 25-July 23).  It would be an opportunity to welcome people in those communities to meet some of the artists, perhaps in a mutually creative way...
  • Logistics might include not only the venue but food and...perhaps some of us travelling from out of town will need to sleep over...
  • It might mean a small committee (say 2-3 people) to put their heads together and organize it.
Anyone willing to step forward is welcome to e-mail me:  Going into the holiday season (Hanukkah starts next week, and before long it will be Christmas), I don't expect to hear from (m)any of you right away.  We'll revisit it in January...

On that note I'll close for now, with an invitation for you to get to know me better through my bio on the SAQA site -- and/or through a visit to my blog.  I look forward to hearing from any and all members across this vast region, but especially from the Alberta cohort.  This is your organization!  Jill, Dawn and I are here to help you...but you'll get more out of your SAQA experience -- at every level -- if you're able to step forward and help us too.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Centennial Quilt by Patti Morris

Patti Morris of Red Deer, AB is proud to see her quilt titled "Centennial Quilt" hanging for the entire city to enjoy!    Check it out here or if you are in Red Deer check it out in person. 

The Red Deer Centennial Art Quilt” was commissioned in April of 2012 by the Red Deer 2013 
Centennial committee to celebrate the city’s 100th Birthday in 2013.  

The piece is a triptych in “map art” format. 

The goal was to deliver a geographical & historical perspective that would incorporate the 100 year 
journey. The Red Deer River is the visual focal point of the piece emphasizing the environmental impact 
it had in the early history to the present. The piece is bordered by brightly coloured blocks which 
represent the unique and dynamic structure of our city and incorporates the interlocking building blocks 
of Paul Klee’s “Red Deer Public Library” Logo. 

Acknowledgements: The Red Deer 2013 Centennial Committee, Mayor Morris Flewwelling, 
Local art Instructor: Tanya ZuzakCollard BFA MFA. The City of Red Deer Engineering Department, Copies Now, & former Director of The Red Deer Library Dean Frey.

And lastly, my husband Tony Morris, for his never ending patience, support over the past 10 months to 
make this all possible.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Membership Categories

Information for Current Members (Membership changes as of October, 2013)

Note: All current members will automatically be moved to the new categories.  Active Members will become Supporting Members; PAMs will become Studio Artists.

Arts Professional 

This new category has been added for members who are involved in art quilts and the arts in general but who are not primarily spending their time working in studios.  They may be teachers, curators, appraisers, writers, collectors, etc.  They may make art quilts but their focus is primarily on other related activities.

There is no application process necessary for this category.  The additional $25 fee allows Arts Professionals to market their businesses through the SAQA website. 

Arts Professionals will each have a page on the SAQA website, similar to the old PAM pages.  Arts Professionals will be able to promote their businesses with a brief description, along with link to their website and full contact information.  They will be able to upload a headshot of themselves and a photo of what they primarily offer.  For example, they may choose to show students taking their workshop or an image of the cover of their new book or a copy of their logo.  Arts Professionals will be able to choose searchable key words to make it easy for people to find them and their businesses.

If you are currently an Active Member and wish to upgrade to Arts Professional, visit the Membership Upgrade page.  Once your upgrade has been processed, you may add the information and images for your business to your membership profile page, along with your choice of searchable key words.
Studio Artists will continue to have the same benefits as the former Professional Artist Members (PAMs) and will have some new additional benefits.  Selection will continue to be based on application via resume and portfolio juried in by a panel of current Studio Artists, who meet on a bi-monthly basis.

Studio Artists’ work will continue to part of the SAQA website’s Image Library for online galleries and slideshows.  They will continue to be eligible to be part of the annual Portfolio, both in print and as a digital, searchable version.  The print Portfolios will continue to be mailed to galleries, museum, libraries, collectors, interior designers and architects.

New benefits for Studio Artists will include the ability to post up to five (5) images of their work (rather than the two allowed under the old system) which will rotate in a slideshow on their Studio Artist page.  Another new benefit is that they will have the ability to sell those pieces in the SAQA Store. Studio Artists will be responsible for shipping any pieces that are sold through the SAQA Store; SAQA will charge a 25% commission on all sales.

Studio Artists will be able to choose searchable key words to make it easy for people to find them and their artwork.  This is a fabulous new feature.

Studio Artists who teach, appraise, write, lecture, curate, etc. may also set up a page in the Art Services Directory advertising their business.  They may include a brief description of their business, along with a link to their website and full contact information.  They will be able to upload a headshot of themselves and a photo of what they primarily offer.

Current PAMs (now Studio Artists) who wish to upload additional images, add key words, and have their work available for sale in the SAQA Store will need to visit their membership profile page and make the necessary changes and choices.

Burgess Shale Project - TREX

Patti Morris
Western Canadian SAQA members have joined together to create this Burgess Shale Textile art exhibition. In 1909, the Burgess Shale was discovered by Charles Doolittle Walcott in Yoho National Park. The fossils found in the Burgess Shale give us a glimpse into what the world looked like half-a-billion years ago. The Burgess Shale is one of the most important fossil beds in the world and its right in our backyard! Each 24”x24” piece in this exhibition represents one of the fossils found in the Burgess Shale.

The Burgess Shale is a touring exhibition developed by the Alberta Society of Artists for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program. This exhibition is currently circulating throughout the southwest/central parts of Alberta. The AFA Travelling Exhibition Program is financially supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

For further information on the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program contact: 
Caroline Loewen, Manager / Curator
Alberta Society of Artists
#305 - 1235 26th Avenue SE, Calgary AB T2G 1R7
Telephone: 403.262.4669; Fax: 403.263.4610; Email:

If you visit the TREX website, you will now find The Burgess Shale exhibit listed in "Current Exhibitions".  There is a PDF file you can download (3 pages) that has a current schedule.  

The link is HERE:

NOTE: Currently the exhibit is at Annie Gaetz School in Red Deer.  It moves from there to Turner Valley and from there to the Bighorn Library in Exshaw, where it will reside over the holiday season, till the second week in January.

Monday, October 7, 2013

First Ever Manitoba Parlour Meeting

Hello Manitoba SAQA Members!

I would like to arrange a Parlour Meeting in Winnipeg.
A few possible dates are October 21 (evening), November 5 (evening) & November 6 (afternoon).
Let me know what your preference is and I will set a location & final date. 

Drop me a line at (204) 572-6173 or email:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Surface Design Alberta Exhibition

An Exhibition of Art Quilts, Fibre Arts & Mixed Media

Sunday, October 20, 2013
12 noon to 3pm

Canyon Meadows Community Hall
844 Cantabrian Drive SW, Calgary

Featuring:  "THE TRUNK SHOW"

Works by:
Trudy Cowan, Diane Duncan, Meredith Helgeson, Karen Jurek, Lil Mountjoy, Colleen Peake, Marilyn Samuels, Fran Sayles, Jan Scruggs & Suzanne Strank.

Free Admission --- Refreshments

Thursday, September 19, 2013

BC Parlour Meeting

The next meeting will be October 2nd, at the home of Jennifer Cooper, 5701 Owl Court, North Vancouver, 11 am until about 2:30. Please bring your lunch. Jennifer will provide beverages.
Please let Jennifer know if you are able to attend.   or 604.987.5701

Catherine Nicholls has agreed to give a presentation at the meeting and has asked for ideas. You may learn more about Catherine and the many topics that she could cover by going to .

At this meeting we will also discuss the direction that people wish to take with this group. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

I have THIS IS A QUILT, Trunk show B and it will also be at the meeting and is available for anyone to use at other groups such as guilds. This is a trunk show that is designed to be laid out or passed around. There are suggestions on how to discuss this show in a group setting. Please let me know if you can use this in your local guilds or other groups. I have this show until the end of December, at which time I will ship it back to SAQA.
Hope to see you soon

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Best of The West Exhibit will be in Cowichan Valley, Duncan BC

Cowichan Valley Arts Council will host the Best of the West Exhibit on August 30 - September 17, 2013. Details are available at

The following Western Canadian SAQA Members that have joined together for; Meet the Best of the West Travelling SAQA Textile Art Exhibit

IIse Anysas-Salkauskas Cochrane AB. Emerging
Marie Barry Sechelt B.C. Imagine
Margaret Blank Mirror, AB Mutt & Jeff
Leann Clifford Regina, SK At Garden’s Gate
Trudy Cowan Calgary, AB.           Griffith Woods After the Windstorm
Paulette Cornish Nanoose Bay B.C. S2-#5- It’s All About The Bark!
Donna  Cutler Beaver Creek, SK The Iris
Gloria SDaly Duncan, B.C. Red Brick
Margie Davidson Edmonton, AB Orange Fern
Diane Duncan Calgary, AB H is for Heart
Wendy Greber Red Deer, AB Alberta Trees #2
Daphne Greig North Saanich, B.C. Windblown Poppies
Anna Hergert Moose Jaw, SK Give me Time Forever III
Jaynie Himsl Weyburn, SK Full Spectrum
Rena Holma  Regina, SK. From my Hands
Dawn Hunt Canmore AB. Wild Rose Country
Paula Jolly  Mossbank SK. Internal Combustion
Karen Johnson Langley, B.C.  Guacamole Still Life
Karen Jurek Cochrane, AB  Lightning Storm on Mars
Barbara McCaffrey Victoria, B.C. Nesting Patterns
Patti Morris Red Deer, AB. Patti’s Rocks
Pippa Moore Comox, B.C. Makola Market
Catherine Nicholls  North Vancouver, B.C. Home in the City
Susan Purney Mark Victoria, B.C. Redante
Mardell Rampton Burnaby, B.C. Into The Light
Judith Panson  Lockport, MB  From Tiny Beginnings
Sharron Schoenfeld  Saskatoon,SK Azami Ha
Patricia Scott Didsbury, AB I AM
Linda Sharp North Vancouver Those who knew the child are now gone
Jill Sullivan Sechelt, B.C. Fractured
Barbara J West Canmore , AB  Point and Stitch 4: The Grid
Valerie Wilson Winnipeg, MB. Bliss
Susan Wittrup Regina, Sk. I See A Symphony
Coreen Zerr Nanaimo, B.C. Arbutus Sunrise
Ginette Guevremont Edmonton, AB Earth Memory
Susan Krznar Regina, SK.  Wonderful World 
Deborah Bray Calgary, AB Magic Lake

Western Alberta SAQA Members Parlour Meeting

Western Alberta SAQA members Parlour meeting
Red Deer, Alberta September 16th

Place : 61 Allan Close Map Google for directions to my home.

Time 930 a.m. -> 2 p.m.

Lunch; Pizza, salad & fruit tea, and juice all provided by me.

Agenda: Bring something to share with members, a project or talk about something you have been working on.

It has been far too long since we got together, so this will be a meet, greet and visit meeting. Any SAQA concerns bring so I can address them before stepping down Jan 2014. Unfortunately, sadly my time is overdue for sitting as your Alberta SAQA Rep and truly will miss continuing on after Jan 2014. It has been way too much fun and truly an honour to be part of such an incredible group of talented artists! "Wow"  I would still like to manage the installment and delivery of "The Best of the West" to The Royal Alberta Museum and "The Burgess Shale" project. If whoever steps up to be our new Alberta SAQA Rep is in aggreement with that.
Otherwise, I will be an active member within the group and help out when asked.

Looking forward to seeing you on Septembert 16th, 2013.

Those that can come please email me

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Walk in the Forest Exhibition

A group show by;  The Quilters Out of Bounds
July 18 - August 19, 2013

The International Year of the Tree 2011, resonated with Quilter’s Out of Bounds – so the Sunshine Coast group challenged its self to create “ A Walk in the Forest ” and explore “treeness” at its core. 

A dozen imaginations have answered the question in a multitude of ways. 

Quilters Out of Bounds takes quilting to the next level! Moving away from classic forms of quilting, this group of textile artists with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds reveals their unique and unconventional creations. 

Quilters Out of Bounds often choose themes around which everyone is encouraged to create something, and this generates an interesting work flow which allows them to put on stunning group shows. The chosen theme was inspired by the fact that 2011 was named the UN’s International Year of the Tree, which is when they began creating the 20+ works that will be shown.

For complete details contact: 

Leigh Square Community Arts Village
1100 - 2253 Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 3B8
604.927.8400 |

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

BC Meeting

The next meeting for BC will be April 18, 11:00 am at the home of Jennifer Cooper.
Patt Wilson will talk to us about her art and where it is taking her,
Please bring your lunch and any books that you borrowed at the last meeting.
Show and tell is, as always, very important to all of us.
Hope to see lots of you there.

Jill Sullivan

Monday, March 4, 2013

Greetings from the City of Sunshine, Dauphin, Manitoba

Hello Manitoba & Saskatchewan SAQA Members! 

I find myself stranded here in Dauphin (not sunny today) Manitoba,.  Unable to travel due to the wicked wintery weather.  I was supposed to head to Brandon, but that is on hold until tomorrow.  It is simply too dangerous to trek through the Riding Mountain National Park.  So instead, I am going to write my very first SAQA blog entry. 

Apparently, the weather is going to be much better tomorrow.  And with a little luck spring will "magically" appear; after all legend states that the month of March comes "in like a lion" and goes "out like a lamb."

I did a little research and found out that many scholars trace the phrase back to the early settlers. Without fancy radar equipment; these hunters, gatherers and farmers relied on keen weather observations to forecast the weather. Often times they observed, early March was marked by biting cold and winter storms. The month begins with a lion's roar. But, by the end of the month, the weather can often be warm, spring-like and docile. Kind of like a gentle lamb. As we know so well, out here in the Canadian Prairies it happens that way a lot, but, not all the time.

Anyhow, the origin of the March Lion & Lamb can be traced even further back, to ancient times and those who watched the stars.

You see March begins as the Constellation Leo is crossing toward the meridian. Leo is the Lion. As Leo marches away, the Constellation Aries begins to rise toward the end of the month. Aries is the ram: What many lambs will become someday!

So, based on the stars, March "comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." Yes, folklore can be fun!

Inspite of the weather, I cherish days like this when all I have to think about is my quilting.  Today I have decided to sketch out a few projects, so that while i am in the city I will be able to purchase supplies for the project. My sewing room is warm and waiting for me to get to work. 

I look forward to my new roll and hope that I can connect and inspire members across our region!

I am excited to get to know, the members in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  I hope to plan at least one or two parlour meetings before the fall.  I am thinking that a perfect time to meet in Manitoba would be during the Artist's Wave Tours in Gimil, MB.  (June 8 & 9, 2013)  Let me know if you are interested in this date and location; after a fair response I can plan the finite details. 

As for Saskatchewan, can a member in Saskatchewan suggest a central location?  I was thinking of the Saskatoon area. If there is an arts event occurring in the vicinity we could plan a meeting to coincide with the date. This will be a great start. 

I look forward to hearing feedback, drop me a line to introduce yourself and share any ideas you have with me.  You can contact me here 

Stay warm!  Cuddle up with a quilt, Dawn


Sunday, March 3, 2013


The show will be travelling in BC this year, starting in May 2013.

May 10-12 in Gibsons at the Sunshine Coast Quilt Show. The show will be at the Gibsons Rec Centre.
Moving to Quilt BC, in Penticton, May 15 - 18. Penticton Convention Centre
The next showing will be at the Portals Gallery, Cowichan Valley Art Centre, August 29 to September 17.
There will be cards and catalogues available for purchase at the first 2 venues.

At this point the show will then return to Alberta. If anyone has an available show space for later in the fall, or perhaps June or July, please get in touch with me or Patti.


Monday, February 25, 2013

New SAQA Rep

 I am pleased to pass the torch to Dawn Piasta of Dauphin, MB! Please help me in welcoming Dawn as the newest SAQA Western Canada co-rep.
After nearly six years of representing SAQA in Western Canada I have decided it is time to step down by the end of April. I have enjoyed spreading the word about this great organization, connect with talented quilt artists, assist in building the membership from a mere handful in 2007 when I was a single rep in this region of Canada to over 90 active members in the Western Canada region. There is strength in numbers! This has become apparent when Patti Morris and Jill Sullivan came aboard prompted by my invitation a little over two years ago.
Thank you, everybody for your support over the past six years. I will be around to lend Dawn a hand in getting established and familiar with the blog.
For now I encourage you to click on the member's page where I will introduce Dawn with images and a short bio.

Anna Hergert

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello SAQA  Members:
Current fibre exhibit that is happening in Red Deer, Alberta,  by "The Alberta Society of Artists" 
Place: The Red Deer, Marjorie Wood Gallery .
Dates: February 1, 2013, and until March 12, 2013. 
 The next instalment of Celebrating Alberta will be at the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery in the summer of 2013.


Thursday, January 24, 2013


Good morning .. I know that this whole problem with the journals has been frustrating for many in out region.
Hopefully the all the bugs have been erased and in future everyone will receive all SAQA mail outs in a more timely manner.
In the interim, all the journals, including the one we are waiting for, are on the SAQA website. Just sign in and go the the heading SAQA Publications, choose the journal option. When you get there you will see that the 2013 Winter issue is also on the site which seemed annoying when we still don't have the fall one, but soon all this should be solved. The journals have been arriving in the last week or so. If you do not get it within the next week, please let me know.

Jill Sullivan/ BC

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Western SAQA Update  from Patti Morris

                             "Meet the Best of the West Travelling SAQA Exhibit"
Shows booked:
February 2nd-> March 23rd 2013 Galleria Inglewood 907 9th Ave S.E. Calgary.
May 2013 Jill Sullivan, B.C. SAQA Rep will be hosting the show at "Quilt B.C." Penticton B.C.
August 2013 Have put in a request and waiting for confirmation in SK. ?
December 31st 2013-> March 2nd 2014 Kiwanis Gallery, Red Deer, Alberta.
March 15th 2014 show needs to at "The Royal Alberta Museum" April 2014->July 2014.
I have sent requests into "Mysteria Gallery" in Regina & "Affinity Gallery" Saskatchewan.
Have yet to hear back from these venues before pursuing other options.
Cards x 37 have been done up and ready to go at my expense of $1,110 I am not worried as I know we will have no problem selling them The cost worked out to 1.20 per card x 25 = $30 per set. We will sell them for $3.00 a card Money made will go towards paying for more cards and catalogue.
Will be working on the catalogue over the next 2 weeks and see what the cost will be.
The cards look awesome!

"The Burgess Shale Legacy Texile Exhibit"

Fossils or plants during "The Burgess Shale Period" have been selected by 34 members. Thank You!
Your 2 ft x 2 ft donated colorful fossil piece due date of June 6th 2013 needs to be delivered to my home: 61 Allan Close, Red Deer Alberta, T4R1A4 June 6th 2013. I will be hosting a SAQA parlour meeting that day for any SAQA members interested in attending. Those coming can hand deliver their piece.  I have  made contact with "The Alberta Society of Artists" and will be meeting with a  member this month in regards to them taking on this project once completed for their Trex program. Please Google for information. My goal is to have a colorful learning book done-up targeting 5- 12 year olds/Geology teaching purposes. Your artist statement will need to be short exciting and something a child can relate too. Very simple and catchy please.
Once this project is completed I will have put 5 years into SAQA as Alberta Rep. The usual time frame is 2-3 years. I will have to step down, so January 2015 my position will be available.

I have bent your ear enough. Its going to be one very exciting year because of your input and I truly am inspired by the work those who have participated in "Meet the Best of the West"

Happy New Year to each one of you!

Patti Morris