Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update from Patti for

 "The Best of The West SAQA Fabric Art Exhibit"

Confirmed Exhibits:
 #1 September 28,29 & 30th Rimbey Community Center Alberta. Time for all 3 days 10 a.m-5 p.m.
#2  Galleria Inglewood, 907 9th Ave S.E. Calgary Mid January2013 -> end of February Date TBA
#3 Quilt B.C. Penticton .May 15th-19th .2013  with SAQA B.C. Co-Rep Jill Sullivan .
#4 "The Royal Alberta Museum" Edmonton, Alberta. March 15th for hanging .Show times TBA April  2014->July 2014. Last show.

Waiting to hear back from Kiwanis Gallery Red Deer Alberta. 1 month showing waiting for date confirmation.
Once I hear back then I will resubmit to other Galleries throughout Western Canada.

A few members have asked to have this show for Guild viewing. This was a difficult decision as yesterday an email came from SAQA and Central Canada, requesting our show be sent out for Guild viewing. Your 3 Rep's response to this was unfortunately No guild shows. We felt the work each of you have put into your pieces is too valuable to be laid flat and over- handled. We have changed the name to Exhibit now to rule out Trunk Show.
Exhibit means a hung show over a period of time in a protected environment where viewers touch only with their eyes!
Our goal is to keep all pieces in the best condition possible. This exhibit will hang in as many Art Galleries as we can possibly get into and shows that are manned with SAQA members or security cameras.
Before Christmas I hope to get the rest of the cards done up. So once our home renovations are completed mid-Nov .Members that have not yet been done will be receiving a proof of your card before going to print. Once all cards are published then we hope to begin the catalogue!

Update on "The Canadian Western Burgess Shale Fabric Art Exhibit"

On September 6th , 2012 a workshop was held in Red Deer, with an Art Instructor on site in a studio setting. Members that attended were given direction upon request to draw up their fossil. We currently have 30 committed members. The project is about designing a colorful Burgess Shale Fossil, that will target school children age 5 years & up in the school system.  Size of the piece requested 2 feet by 2 feet. Completion date June 6th 2013. If this interests anyone sitting on the fence, please email me so you can pick a fossil that has not yet been chosen. You can Google "Burgess Shale Geology" for fossil pictures, but you need to give reference to your source for documentation when piece completed. Lastly, I am in the throes of renovating our house and will be living in the basement for 6 weeks. If I do not get back to you ASAP it is because the computer is out of reach. Call me 1403-347-3247.
Have a great Fall and thank you for your patience and hard work! All of you are truly inspiring and very gifted!
Patti Morris