Friday, January 11, 2019

It's Not Too Late to Sign Up!

Manitoba member Valerie Wilson is offering a FREE 5-day "challenge" on the use of (colour) value in creating fabric portraits. 

The challenge starts Monday, January 14 ON LINE.  It will be carried out mostly by e-mail, Val says, but also by posts through her Facebook group, "Fabric Faces".

I'm betting this will be of value (😉) even if you're not "into" portraiture.  Colour value is a key for all artists -- and one that can be a real challenge.  SO many of us are fond of those 'mediums'...and forego those 'lights' and 'darks'!

Sign up for the Fabric Portrait Value Challenge by clicking HERE -- a new learning opportunity as you start another creative year!  Thanks for sharing this, Val!

P.S. I'm thinking Valerie might be available to a POD workshop or a group gathering or guild meeting or...SAQA Toronto 2020?  Just wondering.... 😉

Monday, January 7, 2019

It's a New Year!

Time to make an Artist's Date!

Here are some venues for your consideration...

Member Susan Selby has a new show on in Manitoba, opening near the end of this month:

Her Artist's Talk will be February 3 at 2:00 p.m. -- at the Portage & District Arts Centre, #11 - 2nd Street NE, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

If you're travelling down East -- specifically to Sydney, NS -- you might visit this exhibit from SAQA Atlantic member Helene Blanchet -- who for many years was a Calgary resident and part of SAQA Western Canada's region.  (She was one who helped with our Calgary "Parlour Meeting" back in the day.)

If you find yourself in the vicinity of La Grange, Texas some time between January 10 and March 24, do take in SAQA's global exhibit, Season After Season, at the Texas Quilt Museum.  SAQA Central Canada member Joan Hug-Valeriot and SAQA WC member, Margaret Blank are the only two Canadians to have pieces in this show!

Rather uniquely, this exhibit also required each artist to provide a sketchbook/journal with his/her piece -- which can be viewed by visitors to the exhibit!

And if blustery, wintry weather's keeping you indoors -- get thee to thy studio and make some art!

Happy New Year to all our SAQA Western Canada members!  Please share your activities with your colleagues this year -- both in our Region and beyond.  Contact blog editor, Margaret Blank, with your news so she can share it in these pages.  Thank you for your support!

Monday, December 17, 2018

When Like Minds Gather

Lower Mainland, B.C. SAQA POD members - November 14, 2018 meeting

This year is winding down...but it's been a great one for members all across the Region.  We've been creative, we've taken in workshops and seminars, we've travelled to shows, and we've stretched ourselves to enter juried exhibits through SAQA and other avenues.

We've met together when and where we can -- through SAQA and the Fibre Art Network, for example -- and we've given back to both of these organizations, as well as to the Social Justice Sewing Academy (U.S.) and the #UDHR Project.

We've been thrilled when work sold and when we've been honoured with prizes at Quilt Canada and that renowned festival known simply as "Houston".

The photo above was shared by Judy Leslie -- the SAQA POD from the Lower Mainland, B.C. at their year-end 2018 meeting last month.  That day they welcomed a member from Vancouver Island and one from Washington State.

Their smiling faces say it all -- they've gathered around a common interest, with creative ideas to share and discuss, and a good time was obviously had by all.

Though SAQA is a far-flung organization, with over 3,000 members globally who rarely meet each other in person, when we do manage to get together, in no time at all we've connected over our mutual love for art, the medium of textiles and the excitement of creativity.

Here's to many more such gatherings -- large and small, across the region, across the country (Toronto 2020 will be here before we know it!!) and as close as our own back yards.

Best wishes to all the members of SAQA Western Canada 
for a Joyous Holiday Season 
a Healthy, Happy and Creative New Year!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

December Invitations

Hello from snowy Central Alberta!  It's December -- already!

Though many of you may be pre-occupied with holiday preparations, here's hoping you are still making time for art -- whether this be working in your studio, learning a new technique or getting out to art markets and exhibitions.

Here are two invitations to consider -- and for the first, you don't even have to leave home!

Val Wilson of Manitoba has created a new Facebook group for those who want to learn more about how she creates her famous fabric portraits -- and those who want to learn to make their own.

You can join the group by going to THIS LINK on Facebook (yes, you have to be part of the Facebook community to do this!)

As an added bonus, those who join the Facebook group can access a free pdf file: "3 Steps Towards Creating a Successful Realistic Portrait in Fabric"!

You can join any time, so don't fuss if you're up to your eyeballs in Holiday Prep and can't do so right now. If this is a technique you've always wanted to try, click on the link, join the group and have some fun learning from Val!

The second invitation is from Mary Wilton and Margaret Blank. Their successful exhibit, "Inspired by Scotland", which was part of the Camrose Art Walk this summer, has been up-dated -- new pieces added! -- and will be reprised at the Lacombe Memorial Centre in the foyer gallery, from the afternoon of December 19 through January 30, 2019.

Now entitled Shamrock & Thistle: Textile Art Inspired by Ireland and Scotland, there are nineteen pieces that were inspired by their joint trip to Scotland in September 2017, and by Mary's earlier travels in Ireland. All are available for purchase, with a percentage going to support the Lacombe Arts Foundation.

Mary and Margaret are thrilled that the City of Lacombe is making this exhibit available to the community and surrounding area, and hope that if you're out that way you'll drop by to take it in. NOTE: The "LMC" is open daily except Sundays and statutory holidays (Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year's Day).

Colours of the Moor - (C) Mary Wilton - 2018

Loch View: On the Way to Eilean Donan
(C) Margaret Blank - 2018

Friday, November 16, 2018

Well Represented at IQF, Houston

The key mission of SAQA, as you know, is the promotion of the art or studio quilt.  And one of the great benefits of being a SAQA member is the multiplicity of opportunities members have to exhibit their work:

  • There are juried shows;
  • There are non-juried shows;
  • There are Regional shows; 
  • There are International or Global shows;
  • There are shows that are for two-dimensional pieces only; and
  • There are now beginning to be shows that include three-dimensional pieces (which are generally harder to store and ship).
You can make pieces that tour in the Trunk Shows mounted on a three-year cycle or donate them to the annual SAQA Benefit Auctions or Conference Spotlight Auctions.  Thus you can be a big fish in a smaller pond -- or you can make a larger splash with work that tours, including being shown at one of the biggest ponds wherein quilters gather: the Houston International Quilt Festival.

And SAQA Western Canada has been beautifully represented at "Houston" this year!  Not only did B.C. member Terry Aske have two pieces in the SAQA Global Exhibit, Dusk to Dawn -- and not only did these pieces find new homes -- but another B.C. member brought home a ribbon!

That member is Judy Leslie of Coquitlam, and she won Third Place in the "Naturescape" category!

When Ontario member Maggie Vanderweit posted the news of Judy's award on Facebook -- with a photo of the two of them together -- I just had to ask Judy to tell me more.  I looked her up in the Membership Directory, and dropped her a line.  Although I think she's still recovering from all the excitement a trip to IQF entails -- not to mention accepting an award!! -- she quite quickly sent me photos and wrote a few words about her adventure, which she shared with SAQA colleague Bonnie Rozander:

Bonnie and I had a wonderful time, especially meeting a number of SAQA members from various locations.  We volunteered to work in their booth for several hours and I had time to peruse Martha Sielman's new book 'Art Quilts Unfolding'.  Unfortunately it was too heavy to pack in our suitcases due to the weight of our other purchases.  It is expensive, especially in Canadian dollars, but it's beautifully crafted.

I was delighted to see Maggie.  She and I first met at CQA's 2010 National Juried Show in Calgary and we had a visit last year in Toronto.  She is very eager to encourage all SAGA Western Canadian members to attend the 2020 SAQA conference in Toronto.....

And now for the photos...

Judy -- all ready for the Awards Ceremony!

Receiving her award

Exuberance -- with it's ribbon

Exuberance - Judy Leslie
40.5" W x 31" L

Congratulations, Judy!  A well-deserved award for a lush and beautifully rendered piece!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Two-fer for Terry!

Just got word from SAQA's Bill Reker (shipper extraordinaire and all-round exhibit expert) that Terry Aske's "Moonrise", the companion piece to "Aurora" in the Dusk to Dawn  exhibit, SOLD last night in Houston!

Congratulations again, Terry!

Moonrise (C) 2018 - Terry Aske

Monday, November 5, 2018

New and Notable in November

Breaking news! 

B.C. member Terry Aske has two pieces in the Dusk to Dawn SAQA Global exhibit, now showing at the Houston Quilt Festival -- and word went out last evening that one of them -- "Aurora" -- has been sold to a collector!!  CONGRATULATIONS, TERRY!

Aurora - Terry Aske (C) 2018

Still with Terry, she currently has pieces in the International Artists' Day (IAD) Anonymous Festival, now showing at 100 Braid Street, Vancouver, B.C. -- and her piece, WOW Westminster with Dots, sold at the Opening Gala!  Bravo, Terry!  If you can't see the exhibit in person, she talks more about this piece in her blog post HERE.

Still in B.C....

While our SAQA WC Rep, Jennie Johnston, closed her solo show on October 26, she has exhibits elsewhere to tell us about!

First, Jennie contributed work to the UDHR Quilt project commemorating the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  The exhibit has now debuted in Canberra, Australia; Jennie's contribution is in the "Blue Quilt", and you can read more about the entire project through the links on Jennie's blog post, or
by clicking HERE.

Jennie with her piece that's now part of the "Blue Quilt"
in the UDHR Quilt Project

In her sharing with me, Jennie provided these words from the Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House, Canberra, Australia:
"At a time when the patchwork of liberties is fraying, craftivism is a global movement that combines craft and activism into quietly powerful protest to call for social and political change. Craftivism allows people to actively engage in democracy, contribute to social change, and transform the world one stitch at a time.    

The UDHR Quilt Project features never before seen work from a global craftivism project. Stitching in local and global stories; see the intricate detail of these quilts that represent the world’s conscience.

Aided by the power of social media, Australian craftivist Tal Fitzpatrick and fellow USA based craftivist Stephanie Dunlap put the call out for collaborators. 131 craftivists from across the globe, united by their passion for quilting and human rights, came together to showcase the power of their voices through the work of their hands.

Through the creation of four quilts, each embroidered with the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the project draws attention to the way human rights are challenged around the world today. The messages sewn into the quilts inspire visitors think, engage and take action.

The #UDHRQuiltProject moves beyond a traditional museum experience by inviting visitors to get involved. Visitors can immerse themselves in craftivism by participating in a range of hands-on craft activities, workshops and community-based events. Textile artist, Tal Fitzpatrick, will be on hand for special events throughout the exhibition to facilitate workshops and discuss the everyday practice of democracy through craftivism."

Next, Jennie's work is also part of a project entitled  "Imago Mundi -- Great and North", which opened at the Venice Biennale just over a year ago, is now showing at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U) Gallery, through December 16th.  Jennie has received a copy of the catalogue including her work and as she says, "It is always a pleasure to see your artwork take on its own life."

Jennie's work in the catalogue for
Imago Mundi -- Great and North

And the last show (for the moment!) in which Jennie's work is included is entitled Textile Narratives, and it's on NOW through November 17 at CityScape Community Art Space, 335 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.

Editor's Note: I apologize for not mentioning "Textile Narratives" sooner, but in the interests of trying not to innundate readers with too many posts at one time, I tend to look at the dates of the exhibits and post based on the months in which they are showing.  Alas, with events that straddle more than one month, sometimes I find I've not posted their information quite soon enough!  My apologies to the artists in question.  If you have an event to share and want to be sure to highlight particular dates (such as the reception), please do so when you send me your notice for sharing on the blog.  Many thanks for your support!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

To the Moon, Patricia!

"Fly Me to the Moon" is a SAQA Exhibit that was created a few years ago to honour the moon landing in 1969. 

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of that event.  Do you remember where you were at the time?  (I do!)

And on show at NASA now is the exhibit SAQA created, which includes this piece from Alberta member, Patricia Scott (below, centre):

Space Cowboy - Wally Schirra18" W x 30" L
Patricia Scott, Edmonton, AB
Pat shares this from her Artist's Statement for the piece:
This piece was inspired by reading about everything Wally had accomplished in his life.  What I wanted to highlight was the 3 missions he was on, and he fact he was one of the "Space Cowboys".  
Research Done: I looked on Wikipedia for information on Wally Schirra, as well as the different space ships he was on.
Techniques: Applique, free-motion quilting, machine embroidery.
Materials: Cotton, cotton batting. 

There is a link to the entire gallery of this exhibit which you might enjoy HERE.  Thanks for sharing, Patricia, and congratulations!


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Congratulations, Clare!

A little bird (okay, it was Linda Syverson Guild over at the SAQA Members Only Facebook page) told me...

Congratulations are in order for B.C. member Clare Attwell of Victoria, who's just had a piece juried in to Quilt National!!


Now...Clare...if you're reading this (or someone you know is)...can you tell us a bit more about it?  Just contact the blog Editor by e-mail.  And a photo would be nice, if you can share one.  Thanks!

Friday, October 5, 2018

And a P.S.

Just a post-script to the entry about Wendy Klotz and Articulation's forthcoming exhibit at the Sidney Museum:

In her blog post, Wendy mentions being a participant in the Poppy Project at the Anglican Cathedral Church of the Redeemer in Calgary.  Yours truly was also a participant; with 2 other women in our parish (St. Cyprian's, Lacombe), we contributed 55 of the close to 7,000 poppies that will hang on the walls outside the Cathedral in November this year. 

Currently the poppies are being tied to a netting by groups of stalwart volunteers.  Recently Global TV Calgary filmed the work, and the clip is now available for viewing HERE.  Enjoy!