Friday, January 28, 2011

Puzzled by Artist Statements?

Jill Sullivan, rep for BC wanted to share her thoughts about artist statements. She writes:

"Many of us, who are not regular participants in exhibitions or may be new to the process altogether,  are sometimes puzzled by just what is being asked for in the Call For Entry. One of the things that was always unclear to me was what to say in the Artist's Statement.  As I was reading the latest SAQA Journal, I found the best summary yet!

Make sure to read Volume 20, No.4, Fall 2010 of the SAQA Journal. It has an article called PAM Review Committee - First Year Reflections on page 29. The paragraph  I am referring to can be found in the center of the page, and it clearly conveys just what to include in the 'artist's statement'. Just as important it points out what not to include! Last but not least, it tells us to "keep it short, and to the point, and in the first person".

I realize most of us read the Journal cover to cover, but just in case you missed this article during the busy Christmas season I wanted to make sure to point out this interesting contribution by Leni Levenson Wiener. Hope this helps everyone with recent and upcoming Calls For Entry."

Remember: Submissions for the July Exhibition for Western Canada SAQA members opens February 1st... Get your submissions ready!
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