Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jury Selection "Connected Across the West"

Your Western Canadian Co-Reps spent several hours yesterday reviewing  and jurying the entries for "Connected Across the West".
Everyone who entered should by now have received their notification.
It gives us great pleasure to share the list of accepted artists and works. Congratulations, everyone!

Marg Blank - "Aspen"

Mardell Rampton - "Sailing"

Ilse Anysas-Salkauskas - "Two Happy Travelers"

Jennifer Cooper - "Violet & Lime" and "Akimbo"

Jaynie Himsl - "Purple Spruce"

Carol Seeley - " Silent Vigil"
Paulette Cornish - " Arbutus # 7"

Lesley Mayfield - " Cherry Blossoms" and "Solitude Standing"

Marie Barry - "Spring"

Margie Davidson - "Flowing Ferns" and "My Lot n Life"

Martha Cole - "Lichen, Rock by the Ocean" and "Cedar Bough 2"

Paula Jolly - "Circus of Emotion" and "The 2 Cs..."

Ethlee Koomhof - " Dropped Threads" and " Rockface"

Louise Perrin - "Undulating Elements"

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  1. Congratulations to those whose work was accepted!! I intended to enter but just didn't get to it... do we have a note on how many did enter? Curious minds want to know....