Sunday, January 8, 2012

Message from Martha Sielman

We are making changes for the New Year. My column is moving out of the Journal, and I'll be writing a brief note in every e.Bulletin instead. 

Other changes:
--We're very excited to announce that we will be putting Journal articles online, as well as in print. This will allow us to bring you even more great information while keeping SAQA's costs low and using fewer trees. Your printed copy of the Winter Journal will be arriving at the end of the month. The bonus articles will be available online shortly.

If you prefer to read the Journal online rather than in print, check off the Online Journal Only choice on your Member profile page.   

--Desi Vaughn is now the regional representative coordinator. She's started a reps newsletter and will be part of the team administering the new reps grant program, which has been designed to help our regions fund larger projects, lectures, and exhibitions. If you have an idea for your region, contact your regional rep!

--There's a new PAM Review Committee for 2012: Betsy Fram, Mary McBride, and Arturo Sandoval. If you are considering applying to become a Professional Artist Member, now's the time so that you can be part of Portfolio 19. Application instructions can be found here: 

--We're working on a redesign for the website. The website design committee is chaired by Eileen Doughty and includes Deidre Adams, Margaret Blank, Susan Christensen, Cheryl Ferrin, and Jen Solon. They are working with a Focus Group chaired by Bill Reker and including Paula Brown, Sandra Donabed, Julie Duschak, Holly Knott, Tricia Revest, and Cynthia Wenslow.

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