Sunday, March 11, 2012


Six of us met on March 2, in the home of Jennifer Cooper. Thank you Jennifer for your hospitality.
We discussed different things, one of which is how to improve our attendance.
After talking about the reasons people join SAQA and what they want form it, Jennifer told about taking part in the Visioning Project and how it can be used for guidance and support through whatever your goals may be, including becoming a PAM.
It was agreed by some that while we do not necessarily want to have demos at these meetings, it would be great to have reports, or pictures etc. about different shows or trips that a group such as this would be interested in.
Our main focus was the 12 x 12 Travelling Trunk Show that our region is creating.
Since we are now up to about 36 pieces, it will make a good, but not huge show. Some members will look into possible venues now, as many places are booked well ahead.
If any B.C. members have ideas about showing in your area, please let me know.
Several participants in the lower mainland plan to do a bulk mailing to Patti. I will send out more information about this in mid April.
The best part of any parlour meeting, is meeting other members and show and tell. Seeing the work of others is inspiring.
 At this meeting we saw some wonderful work and even got a preview of future show entries.  Those present are so diverse that while we see art that is related to what each of us does, I often feel that I could not possibly create anything like what I see. I marvel at the ideas, skill and execution that creates the final artwork that we see. I look forward to seeing more.
I will arrange another parlour meeting for early May.
If anyone has comments or ideas about anything in this report, please get in touch with me.  I look forward to helping anyone show the Trunk Show in their area.

Jill Sullivan  B.C co-rep

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