Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Centennial Quilt by Patti Morris

Patti Morris of Red Deer, AB is proud to see her quilt titled "Centennial Quilt" hanging for the entire city to enjoy!    Check it out here or if you are in Red Deer check it out in person. 

The Red Deer Centennial Art Quilt” was commissioned in April of 2012 by the Red Deer 2013 
Centennial committee to celebrate the city’s 100th Birthday in 2013.  

The piece is a triptych in “map art” format. 

The goal was to deliver a geographical & historical perspective that would incorporate the 100 year 
journey. The Red Deer River is the visual focal point of the piece emphasizing the environmental impact 
it had in the early history to the present. The piece is bordered by brightly coloured blocks which 
represent the unique and dynamic structure of our city and incorporates the interlocking building blocks 
of Paul Klee’s “Red Deer Public Library” Logo. 

Acknowledgements: The Red Deer 2013 Centennial Committee, Mayor Morris Flewwelling, 
Local art Instructor: Tanya ZuzakCollard BFA MFA. The City of Red Deer Engineering Department, Copies Now, & former Director of The Red Deer Library Dean Frey.

And lastly, my husband Tony Morris, for his never ending patience, support over the past 10 months to 
make this all possible.

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  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with all of us, Patti!