Friday, March 20, 2015

Do You Live With Art?

More specifically, do you live with your own art on your walls at home?  Thanks to blogger Elle Pukalo for THIS LINK to a blog entitled "The Altered Page".  Seth, the writer of that blog, has been posting weekly examples of how other artists live with art -- some of them in very small places.

He points out that in blog posts, most artists share current projects, or process...but rarely give readers a glimpse into how they've incorporated art into their own living space.  Guilty as charged! about it?  I've been sad and sorry contributors to "On and Off Our Walls" (shows, projects under construction, process discoveries, workshops you've attended) and "What's in Your Library?" (book reviews)...but perhaps I could persuade you, SAQA colleagues, to share some of the art spaces in your own homes?

I'll kick this off...

My home in Mirror is a good 300 square feet smaller than my former home in Calgary -- 1,600 square feet smaller if you count the fact that out here I have no basement!  To boot, the wall space is rather broken up -- not just by windows and doors, but by openings (one between living room and kitchen) and by cupboards and closets -- including the closet that houses my furnace and the one that houses my hot water tank!

Still, I am fond of art...paintings, prints, textiles, and craft items.  Most of the art I've stuffed into this small space wasn't made by me.  Rather, it's memorabilia: needlework done by my mother, hand-painted plates done by my godmother's mother, paintings and prints purchased on or for special occasions.

That said, here are some examples of more recent work by others...and by me:

On a wall in my studio
Made by Hand - 2013 - 12" x 12" -  Susan Lenz

On top of the book case in my studio:
(L) - My "muse" - unsigned - can't recall artist...
(Centre) - a "stitched painting" by Susan Purney-Mark

On a wall in my living room:
My Back Yard - made  by me
in a class with Pamela Allen at Quilt Canada 2010

To share some of the art with which you live, e-mail me at margblankATxplornetDOTca.

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