Monday, November 30, 2015

Showcasing Talented Quilt Artists - Genre Neutral!

Maybe some of you are like my cyber-friend, SAQA member Susan Lenz.  Maybe you've never even heard of The Quilt Show (hosted by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson).  Maybe you've never even heard of by-subscription programs you can watch on your computer.

Or maybe you're like me and struck gold when you found these sorts of programs a few years ago.

May I recommend a couple to you:

First, yes, The Quilt Show (or TQS)...on which several SAQA members have appeared over the years -- and some more than once!  Susan happens to be on the latest program, and for a limited time non-subscribers can watch her in the episode HERE.

Recently, Lyric Kinard made an appearance -- her second, I believe.  Other SAQA members who've been guests on TQS include Sue Bleiweiss, Katie Pasquini Masopust, Jamie Fingal, Jane Dunnewold, Jean Wells Keenan (twice), Leslie Tucker Jenison, Leni Levinson Wiener, Wendy Butler Berns, Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Joe Cunningham, Hollis name just a few.

Annually, TQS honours a Quilting Legend (or Legends)...including our own Yvonne Porcella in 2010...

In addition to the shows, TQS has built a quilting community through the use of their forum, their blog, and their social media presence.  There's lots to see and do and learn for quilt artists of every shape, size and taste!

Another show by subscription is Design Matters TV (DMTV), produced by the mother-daughter team from the UK, Linda and Laura Kemshall.  This is a more expensive subscription -- in part due to the exchange rate! -- and the shows are shorter in duration (20 to 30 minutes versus the almost-an-hour-long Quilt Show), but there are new episodes more often than with TQS.  There are no featured guests (to date, anyway).  However, it is a close-up look at the work that Linda and Laura do, and usually features a tutorial on a technique for sketchbook (to be taken then to fabric) or directly on fabric.  Art quilting is their specialty, and they share their talents, experience and knowledge with generosity and humour.

When it's time to settle in to a snowy afternoon at the sewing machine or a wintry evening's hand-stitching, I suggest you tune in, turn on, and enjoy!  :-)

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