Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Braggin' on the West!

This past weekend -- the Opening of the twin exhibits for My Corner of the World -- far exceeded my expectations...dreams...I kept wondering if I'd wake up and find it was all in my imagination.

The dual exhibit is wonderful.  Beautiful.  Well laid out.  Creative.  Colourful.  Touching.  Stunning.  Excellent.

And SAQA WC, you did us proud!

While I will post on my personal blog about pieces from other corners of Canada and the are some photos of  the Western contributions to "MCOTW: Canada" taken in situ, "up close and personal"...

First, my travelling companion, Jaynie Himsl of Weyburn, SK, with her piece:

Jaynie with Poplar Point
MCOTW: Canada
Stratford Perth Museum, May 21, 2016

Now the individual pieces which, once these begin to tour, you need to see to fully appreciate them:

Inside the Tipi - Terry Aske, B.C.
32" W x 42" L

It's Still About the Sky - Margaret Blank, AB
27.25" W x 23.5" L

Poplar Point - Jaynie Himsl, SK
23" W x 34" L

The Road Home - Paula Jolly, SK
29.5" W x 24.5" L

Downtown - Marie McEachern, AB
36.5" W x 30" L

Beaches #1 - Mardell Rampton, B.C.
27.5" W x 22.5" L

Looking Down - Janet Scruggs, AB
27.5" W x 21" L

The Museum had some challenges hanging so many pieces (81 in all)...and there were optical illusions along the wall with the ramp that allowed access from one level to another.  My piece and Jaynie's are along that wall; the way the brain works, there was some sense they were crooked, but Micaela assured us they'd been hung with a level...

And don't you just love the effect created by hanging a blue piece on a red wall versus one painted in a neutral colour?

Thank you to everyone who contributed...thank you to Bethany Garner (SAQA Central Canada, curator of MCOTW: Canada), thank you to Micaela Fitzsimmons (SAQA member, museum liaison, juror, and curator of MCOTW), thank you to Lisa Ellis, SAQA's new President...

I think it's been shown that SAQA can open an International Exhibit in any corner of the world...and it will intrigue, entertain and inspire any and all viewers. 

Stay tuned for it's eventual arrival in this corner of the world!

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