Saturday, September 17, 2016

Up for Bid - SAQA Benefit Auction 2016 - Group 1

Are you watching the Annual SAQA Benefit Auction?  I am!  I love to see what's available, and plan what I'd buy if/when it gets to a price I can afford.

The offerings for Group 1, starting September 19 at $750 USD, include a Western Canada member:

A SAQA Central Canada member:

And some international members -- friends -- people whose blogs I follow, and/or whom I've met at conferences or other SAQA-related events, such as the My Corner of the World opening:

SOLD on the 'Diamond Day'

This is not to say I'd buy a piece simply because I know someone...but chances are, if I follow someone's work via blog or website or other social media, it's because I admire it...ergo...

It's going to be an interesting three weeks.  Whose piece are you waiting for?  

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