Monday, October 24, 2016

Missing Quilts!!!

In a recent post, we shared that Katie Stein Sather and Karen Johnson of B.C. were mounting a new exhibit in Vancouver this month.

The show was hung a week ago in the Unitarian Church, 949 - W. 49th Avenue, Vancouver.

When Katie and Karen arrived for their Opening Reception their horror, several pieces had gone missing!!!  Katie has posted these photos on Facebook, and thankfully the post has been shared by several hundred viewers.  For those of you not on FB, please keep your eyes open for these beautiful -- stolen -- pieces of artwork in the Vancouver area in particular:

(L) Two Paddles - Katie Stein Sather
(R) - work by Karen Johnson (title not provided)

Alberta Poplars - Karen Johnson

(L) (Title not provided) - Karen Johnson;
Centre - C'est l'aviron qui nous mene - Katie Stein Sather;
(R) - Three Paddles - Katie Stein Sather

Manitoba Poplars - Karen Johnson

(L) Mud Bay - Karen Johnson;
(R) - Alouette Stump - Katie Stein Sather

Katie has reported that the pieces were all still in place on Tuesday, but appear to have gone missing sometime Wednesday or Thursday.   There were pieces hung in the Sanctuary which were untouched; the missing pieces were taken from the exhibit in the Parish Hall, which is across the atrium from the Sanctuary.  If anyone has any information, please contact Hunter, the church's office administrator.

Contact information:

Tel.: 604.261.7204, Ext. 224 - Congregational Administrator



  1. This is in an exclusive area in Vancouver. So sad to hear this has happened. Please share with your friends on FB to help try to recover the stolen art quilts. Thank you.

  2. How ironic. ..... A quilt heist from a church. It seems that the perpetrators are in need not only jail time but a heart reaching sermon. These quilts are works of art, right up there with museum pieces. So sad. Hopefully they will be recovered.

  3. I am sorry to hear about this. What is someone going to do with the stolen quilts, one of kind of quilts? I am too far away to be of any help but to wish you luck in finding them in good shape.

  4. Friends, As you travel, keep your eyes open for these.

  5. I just don't understand why some people feel they can just walk away with other people's work. I hope that these quilts are found soon!

  6. Has someone notified Homeland Security? I would think there is a good chance that at least some of them will show up in the US.

  7. Even though I'm in NH tomorrow at my VT guild meeting, I will make an announcement about this, since you never know who might see them. It's always amazing how fast word travels on the quilter's grapevine and I hope this helps.

    This is such a sacrilege on so many diverse levels. I sincerely pray these art quilts will be found soon with no damage done to them.

  8. Good Lord, how can you simply take what you want? This is heartbreak for the owners of these quilts. It makes me very worried to submit quilts to shows. My friend, an artist, even had a piece lifted from a gallery in Chicago! I hope whoever stole these quilts is found and prosecuted.

  9. Oh, my, that sounded pretty negative. Without quilt shows, how would we see all the beautiful quilts being created, new techniques and ideas. The quilting community is something special. It's the few that ruin it. Hope they're caught.