Monday, September 10, 2018

Another B.C. Opening -- TODAY!


I can't believe it.

I ask and I ask and I ask and I ask...and what happens?

I continue to find out about solo shows and group shows and up-coming exhibits and current exhibits and juried show acceptances and...and...and...on social media!

Almost no one e-mails me directly; rather, y'all wait for me to stumble over you in my FB feed.  (NOTE: I'm not on Instagram or Twitter!)

So...despite her pleas for y'all to contact me about exhibits in which you're involved, the only way I found out that our Illustrious SAQA WC Rep, Jennie Johnston, had a solo show that opened today was for me to fall over her post on Facebook.


What's a blog Editor to do?!

On view at Janet Routledge's Community Office, 1833 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby BC.
Monday to Friday, please call for office hours: 604-775-0778

Just in case you're in the area, y'know...
and have a hankering to see some textile art...

Just sayin'!


Congratulations, Jennie!

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