Monday, December 17, 2018

When Like Minds Gather

Lower Mainland, B.C. SAQA POD members - November 14, 2018 meeting

This year is winding down...but it's been a great one for members all across the Region.  We've been creative, we've taken in workshops and seminars, we've travelled to shows, and we've stretched ourselves to enter juried exhibits through SAQA and other avenues.

We've met together when and where we can -- through SAQA and the Fibre Art Network, for example -- and we've given back to both of these organizations, as well as to the Social Justice Sewing Academy (U.S.) and the #UDHR Project.

We've been thrilled when work sold and when we've been honoured with prizes at Quilt Canada and that renowned festival known simply as "Houston".

The photo above was shared by Judy Leslie -- the SAQA POD from the Lower Mainland, B.C. at their year-end 2018 meeting last month.  That day they welcomed a member from Vancouver Island and one from Washington State.

Their smiling faces say it all -- they've gathered around a common interest, with creative ideas to share and discuss, and a good time was obviously had by all.

Though SAQA is a far-flung organization, with over 3,000 members globally who rarely meet each other in person, when we do manage to get together, in no time at all we've connected over our mutual love for art, the medium of textiles and the excitement of creativity.

Here's to many more such gatherings -- large and small, across the region, across the country (Toronto 2020 will be here before we know it!!) and as close as our own back yards.

Best wishes to all the members of SAQA Western Canada 
for a Joyous Holiday Season 
a Healthy, Happy and Creative New Year!

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