Monday, April 30, 2012

BC Parlour Meeting

There will be a meeting at the home of Catherine Nicholls, Tuesday, May 22 at 1 pm.
Catherine's address is:
718 4th Steet East, North Vancouver
Phone 604.351.9118
Of course "show and tell" are very important and of interest to all, but we will also gather together the pieces for the Western Region Trunk Show. Catherine is willing to do a bulk mailing of this work to Patti Morris. Please be prepared to work out the costs with \Catherine.
If you are able to attend, or need more information, please get in touch with me or Catherine.

Jill Sullivan

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Connecting with Manitoba Members

When teaching and judging in Winnipeg for the Manitoba Prairie Quilters Guild at Quilt Reflections 2012 approached I sent out an email to members and friends to join me for an informal lunch at the quilt show venue. I was pleased to connect with member Val Wilson and three interested art quilters (one who had traveled from Kamploops) on April 13th to meet in person and answer questions, elaborate a little more on the SAQA Members' "Best of the West" show, share some great food and talk about my own membership journey which began in 2005.
Sunday night I connected with our other member in Winnipeg over dinner. I feel very positive about the future of SAQA in Manitoba - interest is genuine and positive. I found it worthwhile to make the time and meet. Can't wait to see everyone's name on the membership update in the near future.Thanks everyone who made time to connect and share!

Anna Hergert,
SAQA rep for SK/MB

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Report from the SK Parlour Meeting

On March 31st 8 SAQA members gathered at Anna Hergert's Studio. We began by welcoming the new members who had joined since the last time we gathered and the energy in the room was charged with positivity and excitement.
We began by discussing how much members tap into the online resources SAQA provides. It was interesting to see that very few have taken advantage of the yahoo group connection. Most members work full-time outside of the house and find that the time they spent on the computer was less valuable than actually producing their art. I pointed out that the WIKI site continues to be a valuable resource when researching fiber arts related information. Jaynie shared her positive experience with the online critique group which she has tapped into for some time now.
The regional blog is of some value as the members like to check out the weekly featured member. I was glad to hear this as setting up the blog site and maintaining it has taken a considerable amount of time and energy.
We moved on to calls for entries and other exhibition opportunities.
The "Best of the West" trunkshow has generated a lot of interest with nearly all SK and MB members participating. 
A show and share of new work concluded the morning and we moved on to a quick potluck lunch after which we departed for Moose Jaw to participate in a free photography workshop organized by CARFAC Sask. The focus was on taking professional photographs and preparing them for submission to galleries and grant applications. This three hour presentation by Gary Robins from Regina was in-depth and provided a strong starting point to help everyone in attendance.

SAQA members gathered at the SK parlor meeting, (from front to back: Susan K., Susan, W., Louise P., Sharron S., Jaynie H., Donna C., Leanne C., missing: Anna