Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Good News! Forthcoming Exhibit! Call for Entry!!

Now...I know...some of us -- well, let's just be honest, those of us on the Prairies portion of SAQA Western Canada -- might not have been inspired to enter, unless in our past we've lived near or spent significant time on the coast (any of the 3 Canadian coasts).  But...this will still be an opportunity for those who relate to prepare beautiful pieces inspired by their experience.

Have an idea?  Go for it!! 

Friday, May 11, 2018

SAQA Benefit Auction 2018!

The June 1 deadline for members' contributions to this year's Benefit Auction is looming large -- mainly because it's a received by deadline.  Whoa!

Yours truly will be sending hers out today -- and paying a pretty penny to ensure delivery.  That's what happens when you aren't inspired until almost the last minute -- something I'm sure has never happened to any of you!  😉

Several SAQA WC members, however, have managed to get their works finished well ahead of schedule.  Congratulations to these artists -- and thank you for making your contribution to ensuring SAQA's mission to educate the public about art quilting endures!

You can see all of the Benefit Auction donations HERE -- it will be up-dated regularly until all have been received and documented.  Soon mine will join the group...

Margaret Blank (c) 2018
When I Look Up in the Spring

Please note: it is never my intention to miss someone -- I took care to ensure I "caught" all the SAQA WC members to date...but if I've overlooked you (perhaps because I need to update our list of members again!) please let me know.

More exhibition news is forthcoming as summer approaches...stay tuned!  And be sure to share with me any in which you are involved.  You can e-mail me directly -- and thank you!

Now get busy and get your Auction piece in the mail!  😉