Thursday, June 30, 2016

Another "Drive-by Sighting"!

Honestly, SAQA WC colleagues, it's getting harder and harder to keep up with all the random sightings of art you're creating -- and exhibiting -- without sharing it with your Ever-curious SAQA WC Blog Editors!

Here's another one!

Terry Aske's an award-winning SAQA member from B.C.  Judy Villett's not a SAQA member...yet... ;-)

If you're going to be in the area and want more information, click HERE for the Arts Council of New'll find a link there with directions to the Gallery.

P.S. Thanks to B.C. member Susan Purney Mark for sharing this info on Facebook...where I could stumble upon it... ;-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Braggin' on Terry...

Once again the blog has found out about a Quilt Canada 2016 National Juried Show achievement...surreptitiously...through the back door, as it were. (GRIN)

Thanks to B.C. member Brigitte Red, I was put onto the fact that B.C. member Terry Aske -- creator of "Inside the Tipi", currently on exhibit in My Corner of the World: Canada -- took not one but two awards at the NJS!

Stealing from her blog (with apologies for being behind in my blog reading/snooping)... here she is with her pieces:

Terry with Circular Thinking - Quilt Canada  NJS 2016
First place - "Art -- Abstract" category

Terry with Swoop - Quilt Canada NJS 2016
Third Place - Art - Naturscapes, Pictorial

She's lookin' pretty happy -- and so she should be!  Congratulations, Terry!

P.S. If you've had a major achievement you want to share with your SAQA Colleagues (remember, this blog is read by SAQA members around the world, not just in the Region), PLEASE contact your Co-Rep.  If she can't post it directly to the blog, she will forward it to someone who can.  :-)  And beware...If we can't get you to 'brag on yourselves' directly, we will find a way...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

This Just In...

Congratulations are in order...

...for SAQA WC member, Cathie Ugrin of Winnipeg, MB, whose quilt, "Listen Softly", won second place in it's category (Art: Naturescapes or Pictorial) at the Quilt Canada 2016 National Juried Show!

Listen Softly
(C) Cathie Ugrin

Her prize was what appears to be a lifetime supply of Wonderfil thread -- from the sponsors of this award.  Whoa!  Well done, Cathie! Invitation from SAQA Washington State Region - a Regional Conference!

SAQA Western Canada member, Terry Aske of B.C., has asked that the following message from WA State be shared with our WC region, as there may be those who are interested in attending (emphasis mine):

This quick bulletin is to let you know that we now have a link on the SAQA website to register for our first-ever regional conference: "Trajectory: Washington's Exciting Path Ahead". This one-day conference will take place on Sunday, September 11 in La Conner (at the La Conner Civic Garden Club), and it needs you to make it as fruitful and fulfilling as possible.
The highlights of the day will include:
  • Mixer and opportunities to get to know SAQA members from all over the state
  • A panel discussion with Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry and other artists/experts about furthering your career as an artist
  • Jane Dunnewold's lecture "Creative Strength Training" and sale of her new book
  • A fabulous box lunch with the filling of your choice from Calico Cupboard (gluten-free available)
  • A tour of our exhibit space at the La Conner Quilt Museum (Our first regional exhibit is coming up in August of 2017). This is your chance to help plan for this exhibit.
And those are just the highlights! At $65 for admission, we feel that this is a great value (made possible by a grant - also our first - from SAQA). 
Travelling from out of town? We are beginning to compile lists of hosts and people needing space. We know that for some people, both Saturday and Sunday night accommodations may be necessary. Please contact me if you have a room to offer for one or two nights, or if you need help finding a new friend to host you so that you can attend the conference.
Also, we're fortunate in our great planning committee: Mary Berden, Kate Grieshaber, and Paula Murakami. We can always use more help. Please let me know if you can pitch in. We have jobs of all sizes - big and small.
Our "real" newsletter will be out soon. For now, please put September 11th on your calendar. 
See you in La Conner!
Carolyn & Lisa

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Margaret Jessop: Celebrating Distinction -- and Distinctive -- Quilting Art

Quilts hanging on the Wainright Hotel,
Heritage Park, Calgary, Alberta - May 28-29, 2016

This year marked the twenty-first annual Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park in Calgary, AB, held at the Park on May 28-29.

Part of the Festival's history and tradition is the selection of a Quilter of Distinction, often in keeping with the theme of the given year.

This year's theme was "Hearth, Home and Community"...and the Quilter of Distinction was SAQA member Margaret Jessop of Calgary.

Introducing Quilter of Distinction 2016,
Margaret Jessop

The piece to Margaret's immediate right in the photo is, in her words, "...a self-portrait of me in 1990 - I'm holding the baby and there's silhouettes of the other 3, ages 2, 4 & 6."

When I spoke with Margaret about the award on my visit to Calgary in early April, she told me she was very nervous about the event, and wasn't sure the visitors to the Quilt Festival "would like it"...because, as far as one can tell, Margaret is the first QoD who has so few bed quilts in her repertoire.

From the look on her face, though, I think she and her work were well received by all in attendance!

In this year's brochure, the Quilt Festival wrote this about selecting Margaret for this honour:

"It is with great excitement that the 2016 Festival of Quilts welcomes Margaret Jessop as the Quilter of Distinction. Margaret is an acclaimed quilter, winning awards from International, National, Provincial and Municipal quilt groups. Some of these awards have been presented by the Canadian Quilt Association and International Quilt Festival.
"Along with her amazing talent, Margaret also gives so much of her time and talent to charities. Her quilts have been auctioned off for charitable causes and she has volunteered with the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts and Quilt Canada. With this year’s theme of Hearth, Home and Community, there is no one better than Margaret to showcase the importance of all three. Margaret has had to overcome obstacles such as losing her studio to the 2013 floods and the losses of her daughter and mother in 2014.
"Through all of that, her artistic self remained steadfast and she has continued to create beautiful pieces of art. Margaret’s journey into the fabric art/quilting world began over 30 years ago. Her first quilt was for her four year-old daughter. Margaret took a course from Dianne Sutton and made the quilt. From there she was hooked. Now she has close to 250 quilts to her credit, most of which are art quilts.
"It is evident when looking at her work that she is inspired by personal experience, and she leans toward familiar subject, people and surroundings. Some of her most memorable pieces include portraits of her children, and the landscapes of her favourite places.
"Moving forward, Margaret says her challenges are to create original fabric work influenced by fine art and craft knowledge, and to continue working full time in her home studio.
"Margaret has successfully been the student, teacher, wife, mother and inspirational artist to those in the quilting community. She has fully committed herself to her art form, which is evident with her involvement with four different guilds, becoming an ACAD* graduate, quilting in her own studio and still finding time to quilt for charity. In her own words, 'My work makes me happy and I’m sure I will spend the rest of my life exploring new techniques and ideas.' The Festival of Quilts hopes this honour gives credit to her body of work thus far and we will continue to watch for what is new in the future of her quilting legacy."
*Alberta College of Art and Design

And now, a retrospective of some of her work, for your enjoyment:

A Carolina Patchwork pattern

Moving more into her own creations...

Margaret talks about her work

Behind her (clockwise from left, above): "Dream Tree", "Ode to Emily Carr", "Caste Mountain" and "Heart of the Rockies".

"Mirror Lake" - inspired by Group of Seven
painter, Frank Carmichael

A series of family and other portraits

Dale the Woodworker -- with his portrait

Anna -- with her portrait

It's clear that in addition to the inspiration of her family and her Alberta home -- in the Foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Margaret enjoys working with colour, and has a real sense of whimsy...such as is found in her "Catfish" series:


Congratulations on your award, Margaret!  I'm sure your SAQA colleagues will join me in wishing you many more years of creativity and enjoyment -- and we thank you for sharing your work with us.

Margaret with her award

Photo credits -- with thanks -- Marie McEachern and the artist herself.

Friday, June 10, 2016

"Meeting" SAQA Members at "The Edge of the Forest" -- Online

Thanks to a lovely blog post from SAQA member Lesley Turner (B.C.), you can see her and several of her colleagues with their pieces from the exhibit, The Edge of the Forest, currently touring in British Columbia.  For those of us in the hinterland of the Western Canada Region (grin), it's an opportunity to put faces to names we've heard or seen on mailing lists.

SAQA members included with Lesley in the blog post: Donna-Fay Digance and Terry Phillips.  Click HERE to view the blog post.

The Edge of the Forest is an exhibit created by Canadian members of the Surface Design Association; as of this writing it's last planned stop will be at the Fibreworks Gallery on the Sunshine Coast, opening July 9 and running through August 21, 2016.

Thanks, Lesley!