Thursday, January 24, 2013


Good morning .. I know that this whole problem with the journals has been frustrating for many in out region.
Hopefully the all the bugs have been erased and in future everyone will receive all SAQA mail outs in a more timely manner.
In the interim, all the journals, including the one we are waiting for, are on the SAQA website. Just sign in and go the the heading SAQA Publications, choose the journal option. When you get there you will see that the 2013 Winter issue is also on the site which seemed annoying when we still don't have the fall one, but soon all this should be solved. The journals have been arriving in the last week or so. If you do not get it within the next week, please let me know.

Jill Sullivan/ BC

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Western SAQA Update  from Patti Morris

                             "Meet the Best of the West Travelling SAQA Exhibit"
Shows booked:
February 2nd-> March 23rd 2013 Galleria Inglewood 907 9th Ave S.E. Calgary.
May 2013 Jill Sullivan, B.C. SAQA Rep will be hosting the show at "Quilt B.C." Penticton B.C.
August 2013 Have put in a request and waiting for confirmation in SK. ?
December 31st 2013-> March 2nd 2014 Kiwanis Gallery, Red Deer, Alberta.
March 15th 2014 show needs to at "The Royal Alberta Museum" April 2014->July 2014.
I have sent requests into "Mysteria Gallery" in Regina & "Affinity Gallery" Saskatchewan.
Have yet to hear back from these venues before pursuing other options.
Cards x 37 have been done up and ready to go at my expense of $1,110 I am not worried as I know we will have no problem selling them The cost worked out to 1.20 per card x 25 = $30 per set. We will sell them for $3.00 a card Money made will go towards paying for more cards and catalogue.
Will be working on the catalogue over the next 2 weeks and see what the cost will be.
The cards look awesome!

"The Burgess Shale Legacy Texile Exhibit"

Fossils or plants during "The Burgess Shale Period" have been selected by 34 members. Thank You!
Your 2 ft x 2 ft donated colorful fossil piece due date of June 6th 2013 needs to be delivered to my home: 61 Allan Close, Red Deer Alberta, T4R1A4 June 6th 2013. I will be hosting a SAQA parlour meeting that day for any SAQA members interested in attending. Those coming can hand deliver their piece.  I have  made contact with "The Alberta Society of Artists" and will be meeting with a  member this month in regards to them taking on this project once completed for their Trex program. Please Google for information. My goal is to have a colorful learning book done-up targeting 5- 12 year olds/Geology teaching purposes. Your artist statement will need to be short exciting and something a child can relate too. Very simple and catchy please.
Once this project is completed I will have put 5 years into SAQA as Alberta Rep. The usual time frame is 2-3 years. I will have to step down, so January 2015 my position will be available.

I have bent your ear enough. Its going to be one very exciting year because of your input and I truly am inspired by the work those who have participated in "Meet the Best of the West"

Happy New Year to each one of you!

Patti Morris