Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Walk in the Forest Exhibition

A group show by;  The Quilters Out of Bounds
July 18 - August 19, 2013

The International Year of the Tree 2011, resonated with Quilter’s Out of Bounds – so the Sunshine Coast group challenged its self to create “ A Walk in the Forest ” and explore “treeness” at its core. 

A dozen imaginations have answered the question in a multitude of ways. 

Quilters Out of Bounds takes quilting to the next level! Moving away from classic forms of quilting, this group of textile artists with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds reveals their unique and unconventional creations. 

Quilters Out of Bounds often choose themes around which everyone is encouraged to create something, and this generates an interesting work flow which allows them to put on stunning group shows. The chosen theme was inspired by the fact that 2011 was named the UN’s International Year of the Tree, which is when they began creating the 20+ works that will be shown.

For complete details contact: 

Leigh Square Community Arts Village
1100 - 2253 Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 3B8
604.927.8400 |