Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quick update regarding membership benefits...

Hi members,
Just a quick note to let you know that the Western Canada is growing steadily. Patti, Jill and I are making a strong effort to stay current with updates of names, addresses and active links.

Please take a minute and check the members' list to the right. Do you have a website or a blog? If your name is underlined I have already linked your name to the website/blog. Please ensure that it is in fact correct! Click on your name and it should redirect to your site.

If your name is not underlined I was unable to find a website or blog. That may be due a spelling error... So, if you have a web presence and want to be linked for increased exposure, drop me a line and I will get your info updated.

This is also a good time to remind those that have moved or changed emails to include either, Jill, Patti or me (Anna) on the change of contact list.

Thank you! Enjoy the season!
Western Canada SAQA co-rep

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update from Patti for

 "The Best of The West SAQA Fabric Art Exhibit"

Confirmed Exhibits:
 #1 September 28,29 & 30th Rimbey Community Center Alberta. Time for all 3 days 10 a.m-5 p.m.
#2  Galleria Inglewood, 907 9th Ave S.E. Calgary Mid January2013 -> end of February Date TBA
#3 Quilt B.C. Penticton .May 15th-19th .2013  with SAQA B.C. Co-Rep Jill Sullivan .
#4 "The Royal Alberta Museum" Edmonton, Alberta. March 15th for hanging .Show times TBA April  2014->July 2014. Last show.

Waiting to hear back from Kiwanis Gallery Red Deer Alberta. 1 month showing waiting for date confirmation.
Once I hear back then I will resubmit to other Galleries throughout Western Canada.

A few members have asked to have this show for Guild viewing. This was a difficult decision as yesterday an email came from SAQA and Central Canada, requesting our show be sent out for Guild viewing. Your 3 Rep's response to this was unfortunately No guild shows. We felt the work each of you have put into your pieces is too valuable to be laid flat and over- handled. We have changed the name to Exhibit now to rule out Trunk Show.
Exhibit means a hung show over a period of time in a protected environment where viewers touch only with their eyes!
Our goal is to keep all pieces in the best condition possible. This exhibit will hang in as many Art Galleries as we can possibly get into and shows that are manned with SAQA members or security cameras.
Before Christmas I hope to get the rest of the cards done up. So once our home renovations are completed mid-Nov .Members that have not yet been done will be receiving a proof of your card before going to print. Once all cards are published then we hope to begin the catalogue!

Update on "The Canadian Western Burgess Shale Fabric Art Exhibit"

On September 6th , 2012 a workshop was held in Red Deer, with an Art Instructor on site in a studio setting. Members that attended were given direction upon request to draw up their fossil. We currently have 30 committed members. The project is about designing a colorful Burgess Shale Fossil, that will target school children age 5 years & up in the school system.  Size of the piece requested 2 feet by 2 feet. Completion date June 6th 2013. If this interests anyone sitting on the fence, please email me so you can pick a fossil that has not yet been chosen. You can Google "Burgess Shale Geology" for fossil pictures, but you need to give reference to your source for documentation when piece completed. Lastly, I am in the throes of renovating our house and will be living in the basement for 6 weeks. If I do not get back to you ASAP it is because the computer is out of reach. Call me 1403-347-3247.
Have a great Fall and thank you for your patience and hard work! All of you are truly inspiring and very gifted!
Patti Morris

Friday, June 8, 2012


The show opened today in Red Deer at Westerner Park.
It runs June 8, 10 am - 7 pm and June 9, 10 am- 5 pm.

There are 36 pieces in the show and it all looks very good.

Thank you to all those that had a part in creating this, our first travelling show for Western Canada.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Update for Travelling Trunk Show        
 May 25th, 2012
To all Canadian SAQA Western members that are participating in “Meet the Best of the West” Travelling SAQA Trunk Show” June 1st 2012 through to May 31st, 2014
The Show coordinator of our first Trunk Show June 8 & 9th Red Deer needs me to give her all the names of members taking part. The Title  of your piece , your name and where you come from. She needs this information by Monday May 28th,  if I have not yet received your piece please email me this information. Please remember to include your “Artist statement” and signed waiver below, when shipping your pieces.  I have a program called Dragon where I will voice activate your statement back onto my computer so everybody’s font is the same for the catalogue. The catalogue will begin once I have everyone’s pieces in my possession, so this means it will Not be ready for our first show, but I hope to have some DVD’s done -up. My first priority is to get all your pieces onto a DVD and ship it to Lucie Hein’s at “The Royal Alberta Museum”, this way she has it for their committee decision meeting first week of September, before they break for the summer!
I will be shipping each piece into its own large zip-lock bag.  Your name will be placed on it with a copy of your waiver and artist statement inside. On the outside a photo that I will take will be attached. That way each piece will be individually packaged and there will be No confusion of whose piece is whose?
So for those that have yet to send me your piece please remember to include  your “ Artist Statement” your signed waiver and email your “Title and where you are from by this Sunday if your piece is coming after Monday, Thank you!
For those that have sent me your piece, with its own packaging & labelling. Thank you I will use it. I will still use a zip-lock bag over-top for those that sent cloth, just for protection from possible dampness.
I have a plastic container that will hold all your individually wrapped pieces for travel and shipping purposes. I have business Insurance while the pieces are in my procession; I am looking into Insurance while they are travelling around Western Canada. I am hoping each of you have your own insurance so that way I only need to get a floater onto mine.
For those that still need to send me your piece: Please forward too:  Patti Morris, 61 Allan Close, Red Deer, Alberta. T4R1A4 Phone number 1403-347-3247  Let Canada Post know that you are shipping your piece to " Morris Fabric Art Designs" and use my Venture One card number for a discount . My number is 9285288 

#1 Our first show will be June 8th & 9th   2012 “The Central Alberta Quilt Show Red Deer” Set-up June 5th Google for directions & times

#2 Show dates TBA at “The Royal Alberta Museum” Edmonton. 2012.

#3 The National Juried Show “Quilt B.C. Penticton May 15th-> 19th 2013.  Confirmed.

 Updates for upcoming shows or availability can be followed at
Our goal is to have a professional catalogue done up listing each artist’s work and Artist statement. When you submit your piece please include in Roman Times Font your artist statement less than 75 words and your contact if you wish to be known.  Label attached to the back of your piece with name, address & contact. A 2 inch finished sewn in sleeve at the top with 1 inch to spare from each end of your sleeve to hang your piece properly with a dowel. This will allow us to hang pieces without the hanging apparatus showing. Pieces need to lie flat.  Please include the signed disclaimer
I must say everyone’s piece is truly spectacular! Better than what is currently hanging on my walls in my own home! I believe this will be one of the best shows SAQA has ever put on So big thanks to all of you! We are so proud of you guys!  We’re going in first class all the way!
Disclaimer Please include with your piece
 I hereby give my permission for my work to be photographed for publicity purposes, and possible inclusion in a catalogue publication, I am committed to having my work displayed from June 1st 2012 to May 31st 2014.Any gallery owners and organizers will reserve the right to select pieces that are cohesive in colour or theme.____________________________________________________
Signature                                                                                  Date

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 1st 2012 Alberta SAQA Parlour Meeting:
Place was Red Deer Alberta, Patti Morris Rep home
Attendees; Dawn Hunt, Barbara J. West, Debbie Bray, Bush Eastep, Margie Davidson, Wendy Klotz, Ilse Anysas-Salkauskas, Wendy Greber, Margaret Blank, Patti Morris, Meredith Helgesm, Lorraine Lindenbach, Diane Duncan, Karen Jurek, Trudy Cowan, Jan Scruggs.
First off it was wonderful to have such a big group. Thank you to those that travelled up or down Hyw 2 even with the road being closed due to an accident.
The meeting was called by Patti Morris at 1015 even though we knew a few members were caught in traffic.
An Introduction to those present;
 Margaret Blank began by showing:
#1 Her beautifully executed Trunk show piece circulated #2 Her City & Guilds project module 6 out of 8 which was Red & White blocks hand stitched in honour of Mirror, (home town) 100 anniversary.   #4 A handwork project of 50 crazy quilt blocks to make a coat called “Garment of Praise” for the loss of her late husband of 5 years. Each block was made up of recycled ties, ribbons, lace and buttons. Very nice work.
Wendy Greber: New member from Red Deer, Wendy is a very gifted individual that has taken all the classes from Earthly Goods/ Master program. She comes to SAQA with wonderful skills and talent. An artist on the move!  Winning lots of ribbons for her original pieces of fabric art work in Central Alberta. Wendy showed us her Trunk Show piece, truly inspirational and very well done!               
lIse; spoke about her Art Degree in weaving / Calgary.  Since 1980 she has been involved in different Art groups out of Calgary. She has been member of SAQA 5-6 years. Her Art studies involved Printing & Collage. Her Trunk Show piece called “Emerging” was passed around for members to admire.  A very beautiful piece!
Wendy Klotz; “The Edge” Regular Quilting done in new way. Working from the inside out. Blueberry Field. Very interesting and nicely done. Passed around along with “Grandmother Flower Garden with 3 D centers again working from inside out making her centers stand out! Unique and thought->provoking.
Margie Davidson; Began quilting 27 years ago. In 2002 at Quilt Canada she was inspired by a fiber Artist. Thus her 6 year part-time job moved from teaching at a school to a Quilt store teaching surface design. Margie then spoke about her knitting project x 1 year and a bit.  She just returned from India and brought out some wonderful fabric art purses, wraps and blankets. Beautiful garments. Her Trunk show piece was passed around, another beautifully executed piece of fabric art!
Venture Card: was brought up. A card you can pick-up at any postal outlet. It’s free and available to anyone that has a business. Just ask for it and fill out the form. It allows anyone shipping parcels for their business to receive a discount.
Bush Eastep;  Spoke about her trunk show piece, but not very happy with it as something happened to it when placed on a cloth to be ironed? Bush’s intent is still open to enter. Were so are sorry for what happened as it could happen to anyone of us!

 Lorraine Lindenbach; Thank you for bringing a van-full of members from Calgary! Lorraine said she was a West Coast Fiber Artist belonging to FOG. Her (FOG) Calgary Fabric Art group meets once a month. She then circulated a piece she & members made with fabric, metal & beading. Very nice! 

Debra Grey, A new member to SAQA from Calgary. A Biologist/ Geologist. Has been sewing much of her life. All her own clothes and in now involved with City & Guilds. At module 3 & finding it a challenge as much of it is paperwork. Showed the group “a Prairie Scene based on pointillism “Indian on Horseback with Buffaloes” done in pen & ink dots, outline in center of quilt. Very nicely done. 

Barbara West; spoke about the use of the grid in quilting and art with her trunk show piece. Had a flap in it to represent the male and how it still dominates the traditional art world! Colors used: black & greys to emphasize what was us at the beginning of the Cubist period in art (early 20th century) Barbara incorporated red into her piece to represent women! That we deserve it for being so bright! Good for you!  Awesome piece of Art! 

Meredith Helgesm; Visitor to our group. Member of FOG out of Calgary. Nice to have her attend.

Dawn Hunt; 1975 began quilting as a traditional quilter. Now a certified National & International appraiser. Brought up how SAQA is thinking of giving up the PAM judging or juried in! Emphasised how SAQA needs to have a group geared for just professional appraisers, curators, financers and other art venue professionals added separately to PAM membership.
Big discussion on if as PAMS if you are not juried into the Art World then you are not considered a true artist!   This is a major reason why PAMS belong to SAQA.  If this was taken out then the Alberta PAM members felt they would no longer be a need to be part of SAQA.

Jan Kuruggs: Member of FOG from Calgary. Showed the group a 3 D Flower Leaf design. Beautifully done.
Discussion 2: How are the pieces of our Trunk Show going to be shipped, hung & distributed safely? Explicit Instructions for hanging to members was requested.  Will follow-up with a fan-out once I speak to other 2 Western Reps.

Trudy Cowan; 2 months a SAQA member. Spent the past 6 years doing Art quilts. Had a beautiful photo album of work she has been working on. A mommy tummy expecting pillow quilt. Members very impressed.                                     Trunk Show piece: Cedar Trees with paper cut technique. Very nicely done!  

Karen Jurek:  1990 began art quilting.  Finds designing an art piece it to be a challenge. Moving from traditional to the art side.  Showed her brilliant Fiery Red beautiful Trunk Show piece, executed with colorful beading to the group. Truly exciting and wonderful! 
Diane Duncan; Comes originally from the East moved to Calgary. Since 2009 been travelling with husband in a motorhome, so her sewing is limited. Truly an inspirational individual. Taught me not to complain if I feel cramped in my sewing room!
5 minute break coffee & tea break 

Barbara West: Guest speaker; Talk about her 6 year School of Textile Art from “The Julia Capara Middle Sex University in Great Britain”. Barbara received a BA with Honours in 2011. Unfortunately, The Julia Capara School has gone into bankruptcy due to high tuition costs.  Barbara talked about feeling humility after going into the program she felt the more she learned the less she knew in textile art as an artist.
She spoke about “Artists in the Art World” the demands for criteria in the Art World. Content, what we’re doing; research, why we are doing what we’re doing. Work from past quilters is mostly anonymous, no names on pieces or history trail. Picasso became famous because he flogged his work. All famous painters were men.  Male dominated Art. Women were just as good back in Picasso time, but were never revealed. Unknown. Women artists are drawn to women works. For years women were not allowed into the schools of art to paint nude female models.
Copy Work Trace; Work now demands an original sketch-> for research photography a running history to prove it’s your own work of art!
Work needs to be juried by your peers. Art work councils will not submit any work that is not juried in!
Why do fabric artists sign their work on the back of their pieces? Why not sign our names to the front of our work like painters?
Only 15% of work done by women is in museums.
Art World Afghan World; Barbara showed us a piece done on Anti Macastor, Hangs on the sofa. Piece reflects her living far away from the Afghan war zone. Feeling out of touch of what can be done. This piece represented a war hat to be hung over a sofa to remember. The purpose of the piece was to allow us to expand outside our boundaries.
`` Be creative``  Final exhibition  Barbara had it displayed at The Triangle Gallery Calgary last year. The piece was 18 feet long: Based on a young girls 21st birthday game that moved through sections. Bra & panties out of condoms, Hat drinking game, Cosies comments for each drink. Pillow, Date rape, Tea-bag and gang rape. Ended with crime scene-> hole in panties Evidence who did it, mother, daughter, culture…..                                                                         A very thought provoking Textile work of Art!

After Lunch
Dawn Hunt, an AQS certified quilt appraiser and an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) gave a very powerful talk on “Why we need to have our work appraised”.
Very inspiring and thought provoking. She high-lighted appraisers do not provide critiques of the works being appraised.
A common misconception is that antique quilts are more valuable than newly made quilts (either art or traditional). Appraisals can be used to acquire insurance coverage as well as to settle claims.  Market value appraisals can also help an artist establish a reasonable asking price for their art. Donation appraisals are based on the fair market value of the donated item. Items used for prizes for charity raffles auctions are also appraised for their fair market value. In Alberta, if the prize value is overstated on a raffle ticket then the group running the raffle would be liable for the difference, in cash, between the fair market value and the value stated on the raffle ticket. Very interesting. Certain criteria established by CRA must be met, but at a Charity Auction the successful bidder of an item may be eligible for an income tax receipt if they pay more than the stated fair market value of the item. Appraisals are also useful for Estate & Divorce settlements, and to provide as gift enclosures.  Appraisals also provide a personal Quilt record documentation!!!

Quilts that are lost, stolen or missing in transit can be listed at <>   HUB International is an Insurance company that provides coverage for quilts. I will connect with them in regards to our Meet the Best of the West Trunk Show. I will check with Karen Goetzinger from Synthesis 2 as to what she did for coverage for their travelling show.

Follow –up for our Travelling Trunk show;
All pieces submitted have been asked to have a finished 2 inch seam placed on top back with 1 inch from each end open to allow our wooden dowel to slide through. If your sleeve is wider than 2 inches not to worry, it still allows lots of room for our dowel to slide through. All pieces will have fish wire placed through them attached to each other for security reasons. If someone were to try and steal 1 the entire show would come down! When the show is not in use it will be sitting at one of the 3 Western rep homes. Preferably with Patti Morris Alberta.  Our goal is to have a Trunk Show dates listed on our Western Blog site. This way it will be up to you as members involved to checking your  for updates. This way you are not inundated with emails!
Also any shows members are involved in please forward to your rep and we would be happy to list them with your name on the Blog.
Shipping of The Travelling Trunk Show will be through Canada Post by Venture Card and through the rep. that has the show. Cost to ship the show will be provided up to $500 from our SAQA grant.
Patti will look into how Synthesis 2 regarding Insurance coverage. I have business insurance while they sit in my home. Again I would have to ask Dawn Hunt if all piece need appraisals to be covered.
If any members have further concerns please send an email to your closest rep.
Current Fiber Art Show in Calgary: I forgot to mention that 2 of our very talented PAM members have work in the DaDe Art & Design Gallery Lab  called “Fabricated “ April 20th->June 3rd Ilse Anysas-Salkauskas, & Margie Davidson.
Thank you all. The pieces that I have received are ALL truly amazing. I personally would have put a ribbon on each one of them if they were in a juried show!
Lastly, I had mentioned that for 2013 I am in the throes of organizing a Burgess Shale Donated Fossil project for all those interested in leaving a legacy .I am hoping to have more information on this idea in the next few months. Updates will be posted on our Western Blog regarding this project.
So everyone make sure you stay connected to
Warmest regards,
Patti Morris

Monday, April 30, 2012

BC Parlour Meeting

There will be a meeting at the home of Catherine Nicholls, Tuesday, May 22 at 1 pm.
Catherine's address is:
718 4th Steet East, North Vancouver
Phone 604.351.9118
Of course "show and tell" are very important and of interest to all, but we will also gather together the pieces for the Western Region Trunk Show. Catherine is willing to do a bulk mailing of this work to Patti Morris. Please be prepared to work out the costs with \Catherine.
If you are able to attend, or need more information, please get in touch with me or Catherine.

Jill Sullivan

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Connecting with Manitoba Members

When teaching and judging in Winnipeg for the Manitoba Prairie Quilters Guild at Quilt Reflections 2012 approached I sent out an email to members and friends to join me for an informal lunch at the quilt show venue. I was pleased to connect with member Val Wilson and three interested art quilters (one who had traveled from Kamploops) on April 13th to meet in person and answer questions, elaborate a little more on the SAQA Members' "Best of the West" show, share some great food and talk about my own membership journey which began in 2005.
Sunday night I connected with our other member in Winnipeg over dinner. I feel very positive about the future of SAQA in Manitoba - interest is genuine and positive. I found it worthwhile to make the time and meet. Can't wait to see everyone's name on the membership update in the near future.Thanks everyone who made time to connect and share!

Anna Hergert,
SAQA rep for SK/MB

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Report from the SK Parlour Meeting

On March 31st 8 SAQA members gathered at Anna Hergert's Studio. We began by welcoming the new members who had joined since the last time we gathered and the energy in the room was charged with positivity and excitement.
We began by discussing how much members tap into the online resources SAQA provides. It was interesting to see that very few have taken advantage of the yahoo group connection. Most members work full-time outside of the house and find that the time they spent on the computer was less valuable than actually producing their art. I pointed out that the WIKI site continues to be a valuable resource when researching fiber arts related information. Jaynie shared her positive experience with the online critique group which she has tapped into for some time now.
The regional blog is of some value as the members like to check out the weekly featured member. I was glad to hear this as setting up the blog site and maintaining it has taken a considerable amount of time and energy.
We moved on to calls for entries and other exhibition opportunities.
The "Best of the West" trunkshow has generated a lot of interest with nearly all SK and MB members participating. 
A show and share of new work concluded the morning and we moved on to a quick potluck lunch after which we departed for Moose Jaw to participate in a free photography workshop organized by CARFAC Sask. The focus was on taking professional photographs and preparing them for submission to galleries and grant applications. This three hour presentation by Gary Robins from Regina was in-depth and provided a strong starting point to help everyone in attendance.

SAQA members gathered at the SK parlor meeting, (from front to back: Susan K., Susan, W., Louise P., Sharron S., Jaynie H., Donna C., Leanne C., missing: Anna

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SK Parlour Meeting Reminder

Hello Members,
Looking forward to our meeting on Saturday!
The amended agenda for the March 31st meeting is as follows:

10:00 am   Meeting called to order; Anna will share latest developments with SAQA International and the Western Region.
Exhibition opportunity for SK quilters, art and traditional: details about the Pacific West Quilt Show to be discussed.
10:15 am   Show and share by members, please bring along one piece of art to introduce yourself to new members and get us up-to-date on your latest artistic endeavors.
11:30 am lunch
12:30 pm Depart for Moose Jaw for the seminar on Photographing your Art for Submission to Galleries and Publications presented by CARFAC SK. The seminar is free of charge and membership in CARFAC is not a requirement. I have registered up to 10 participants from our group! If you decide to bring a friend there will be no problem.

See you Saturday,
SK SAQA rep.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Six of us met on March 2, in the home of Jennifer Cooper. Thank you Jennifer for your hospitality.
We discussed different things, one of which is how to improve our attendance.
After talking about the reasons people join SAQA and what they want form it, Jennifer told about taking part in the Visioning Project and how it can be used for guidance and support through whatever your goals may be, including becoming a PAM.
It was agreed by some that while we do not necessarily want to have demos at these meetings, it would be great to have reports, or pictures etc. about different shows or trips that a group such as this would be interested in.
Our main focus was the 12 x 12 Travelling Trunk Show that our region is creating.
Since we are now up to about 36 pieces, it will make a good, but not huge show. Some members will look into possible venues now, as many places are booked well ahead.
If any B.C. members have ideas about showing in your area, please let me know.
Several participants in the lower mainland plan to do a bulk mailing to Patti. I will send out more information about this in mid April.
The best part of any parlour meeting, is meeting other members and show and tell. Seeing the work of others is inspiring.
 At this meeting we saw some wonderful work and even got a preview of future show entries.  Those present are so diverse that while we see art that is related to what each of us does, I often feel that I could not possibly create anything like what I see. I marvel at the ideas, skill and execution that creates the final artwork that we see. I look forward to seeing more.
I will arrange another parlour meeting for early May.
If anyone has comments or ideas about anything in this report, please get in touch with me.  I look forward to helping anyone show the Trunk Show in their area.

Jill Sullivan  B.C co-rep

Friday, March 9, 2012

SAQA SK Meeting agenda update

Hello Members,
Thanks to those who have taken the time and effort to respond to my general email inquiry.
The new agenda for the March 31st meeting is as follows:

10:00 am   Meeting called to order; Anna will share latest developments with SAQA International and the Western Region.
10:10 am   Show and share by members, please bring along one piece of art to introduce yourself to new members and get us up-to-date on your latest artistic endeavors.
11:30 am lunch
12:30 pm Depart for Moose Jaw, where we will take in a seminar on Photographing your Art for Submission to Galleries and Publications presented by CARFAC SK. The seminar is free of charge and membership in CARFAC is not a requirement.

If you have not responded to Anna indicating your participation in the meeting, please do so soon, as she has to let CARFAC know how many people they can expect in their seminar.

Looking forward to connecting in person very soon,
SK SAQA rep.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saskatchewan/ Manitoba Parlour Meeting Update

Hello Members,
Thanks for taking the time to get back to me with a date preference for the March Parlour Meeting.

The date is March 31st, 2012 from 10:30 am - 3:30 pm at Anna Hergert's home and studio.
If you have not been here please contact me for directions.

Not a member yet? Here is your chance to check out the group and its members. Come along and see what SAQA is all about. Email me , the link to the right is live and you can just click on it to start corresponding!

Manitoba members: Mark April 13th on your calendar for a lunch time meeting. I will let you know where we will gather. Bring friends or anyone interested in SAQA.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saskatchewan / Manitoba Parlour Meeting

Hello Saskatchewan/Manitoba SAQA Members,

It has been a while since out last parlour meeting and I just had a look at my calendar to determine a suitable date to get together. Let's gather before too much more time goes by and meet the newest members.
I have three date options available and urge you to voice your preference:

Friday, March 2nd, 2012
Friday, March 9th, 2012
Saturday, March 31, 2012

Please take moment,  check your calendars and get back to me as soon as possible. The date chosen with the most votes will be selected.
I will post this on the Western Canada Blog as well to generate interest.

There are several tentative topics for the agenda but I encourage all of you to make suggestions to ensure your interests are met.

Meeting will start at 10:30 am
Short introductions
Update on various SAQA developments
Pot luck lunch
Discussion topic:  Taking successful photographs for submissions
Show and share: getting to know each other better through the presentation of our recent work.
Meeting concludes by 3:30 pm

If you have a friend or fellow quilt artist that may be interested in checking out SAQA, please bring them along.

For the members in Manitoba: I will be in Winnipeg for the quilt show and have April 13th off. Ditte, our longest Manitoba SAQA member will be spending the day with me and if interest exists, we could plan to meet over lunch. Please let me know as soon as possible! Email me!

Anna Hergert
SAQA Western Canada Co-Rep

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Best of the West Update

Thank you to those Western Canada SAQA members who have already responded with their intent to participate in the "Best of the West" traveling trunkshow.

The Alberta Museum has expressed strong interest and a large regional AB quilt show has provided space for the one foot square art pieces comprising the traveling trunkshow.

If you have not already expressed your intent to support this project please do so soon. We are not asking for work that is finished at this time. We just want to hear from you and that we can count on you to be part of this exciting event! Please email Patti and Jill to help us plan the events and exhibitions!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Western Canada SAQA members "Travelling Trunk Show"

'Meet The Best of the West"

“Meet the Best of the West”
“Western Canada SAQA Members” Travelling Trunk Show”
This call to participate is open to all Western SAQA Members.

Check out the details on the "Calls for Entry" page!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SAQA's New Definition of a Quilt

 by Board Member Kris Sazaki

For quite a while now, SAQA has realized that its definition of the art quilt does not adequately reflect the diversity of what our members produce. Therefore, the organization conducted a survey of its members during Spring 2011 and received 698 responses. Based on the survey responses and lengthy Board discussions, the SAQA Board has adopted the following definition of the art quilt:

"The art quilt is a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure."

The Board sees the revised definition as a visionary statement. The word "references" allows for a broader understanding of the art quilt, thus creating a potential for growth in SAQA membership in terms of numbers and diversity of artists. The revised definition allows for 3D work and work in media other than fiber/textile/fabric/cloth; it allows for techniques and materials not found in traditional quilting. The revised definition allows for framed, unframed, bound, and unbound work, thereby welcoming growth and development of individual style. The revised definition may not necessarily change submission requirements for any one show or exhibition. Those requirements, as always, remain the purview of the exhibition's curators.

The Board could have chosen not to define the art quilt. After all, many arts organizations do not define their art. It is simply understood. But, SAQA wants to be the resource for quilt artists and to fulfill its mission to educate the public on the art quilt. Adequately helping people understand what an art quilt is became an important reason to revise the definition. In reading the results of the survey and the artist statements from our 2011-13 Trunk Show, it became clear that the previous definition was also confusing - even to our own membership. It was also too long and cumbersome to recite when asked, "What is an art quilt?" Too often people were left trying to explain what the definition meant, thereby defeating its purpose.

This definition will not necessarily change how you work and create, but it will hopefully allow you to more easily convey to others what you produce. Rest assured that SAQA will continue to support you in your artistic endeavors.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Consider the SAQA/SDA 2011 Conference!

Registration for "Identity: Context and Reflection," the joint SAQA/SDA Conference is continuing to go quickly -- There are already 194 people signed up!
Sandra Sider's critique session is FULL.
Lorraine Glessner's workshop is FULL.
Jan Myers-Newbury's workshop is FULL. 
...and several other workshops have only a few more spots!

Conference: March 30 - April 1, 2012
Workshops: April 2-4, 2012

March 30 - Full day of lecture and panel presentations PLUS the Opening of Art Quilt Elements.
March 31 - Full day of tours of FiberPhiladelphia 2012 PLUS the Opening of Outside/Inside the Box.
April 1 - Morning lecture and panel presentations, followed by an optional critique session.
April 2-4 - Choice of Three-Day Workshops.

Conference will be held at Philadelphia Marriott West, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. 

NOTE: If you're traveling from a distance, consider adding a few extra days to your trip.  Philadelphia has some of the best art museums in the world, and New York City is an easy 1.5 hour train ride away.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Message from Martha Sielman

We are making changes for the New Year. My column is moving out of the Journal, and I'll be writing a brief note in every e.Bulletin instead. 

Other changes:
--We're very excited to announce that we will be putting Journal articles online, as well as in print. This will allow us to bring you even more great information while keeping SAQA's costs low and using fewer trees. Your printed copy of the Winter Journal will be arriving at the end of the month. The bonus articles will be available online shortly.

If you prefer to read the Journal online rather than in print, check off the Online Journal Only choice on your Member profile page.   

--Desi Vaughn is now the regional representative coordinator. She's started a reps newsletter and will be part of the team administering the new reps grant program, which has been designed to help our regions fund larger projects, lectures, and exhibitions. If you have an idea for your region, contact your regional rep!

--There's a new PAM Review Committee for 2012: Betsy Fram, Mary McBride, and Arturo Sandoval. If you are considering applying to become a Professional Artist Member, now's the time so that you can be part of Portfolio 19. Application instructions can be found here: 

--We're working on a redesign for the website. The website design committee is chaired by Eileen Doughty and includes Deidre Adams, Margaret Blank, Susan Christensen, Cheryl Ferrin, and Jen Solon. They are working with a Focus Group chaired by Bill Reker and including Paula Brown, Sandra Donabed, Julie Duschak, Holly Knott, Tricia Revest, and Cynthia Wenslow.