Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Congratulations are in Order!!

Over the past few months, I've posted the pieces contributed by SAQA WC members to the 2018 SAQA Benefit Auction.

Today...congratulations are in order, because Karen Johnson -- member from British Columbia -- has found that her Auction piece has been sold very quickly in the first full week of this online event.

Well done, Karen!!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Another B.C. Opening -- TODAY!


I can't believe it.

I ask and I ask and I ask and I ask...and what happens?

I continue to find out about solo shows and group shows and up-coming exhibits and current exhibits and juried show acceptances and...and...and...on social media!

Almost no one e-mails me directly; rather, y'all wait for me to stumble over you in my FB feed.  (NOTE: I'm not on Instagram or Twitter!)

So...despite her pleas for y'all to contact me about exhibits in which you're involved, the only way I found out that our Illustrious SAQA WC Rep, Jennie Johnston, had a solo show that opened today was for me to fall over her post on Facebook.


What's a blog Editor to do?!

On view at Janet Routledge's Community Office, 1833 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby BC.
Monday to Friday, please call for office hours: 604-775-0778

Just in case you're in the area, y'know...
and have a hankering to see some textile art...

Just sayin'!


Congratulations, Jennie!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

More from Manitoba!

I think it must be a type of "Murphy's Law" for those of us who used blog posts to spread news, as I do with this SAQA WC blog:

Every long, newsy post published will result in getting news of something else you could have included!  😉

Sure enough; right on the heels of my latest post, I stumbled on this great news from Manitoba member, Cathie Ugrin:

Wishing I could see this in person -- and hoping someone shares photos from it, or from the Opening Reception -- 12th Street Studio, Gallery & B&B, Brandon, MB (this Friday). 

Congratulations on your solo show, Cathie!!