Tuesday, June 21, 2011

B.C. Parlour Meeting

Eight of us met at the home of Jennifer Cooper. It was great to meet some of our fellow members and learn alittle about each other.
As a new group we had serveral things to discuss. One very imprortant aspect is to have a local group that is active and relevant to us. Regular meetings will also help to keep everyone up to date about all that is happening. As a group we must decide what we want the group to do for us.
Many are interested in compiling lists of support such as web sites, books, stores, and whatever else seems os use to us.
One of the issues raised was why SDA and SAQA are not one organization. Paulette Cornish spoke to this issue by telling us of her experience at the conference in Denver where they discussed what our organization stands for.
Paulette and Jennifer have both tsken part in the Visioning Project and spoke about what it meant to them
We feel that with leadership we can create a strong, active group in our area. Things such as a local blog would help keep us in touch.
After show and share, there was a proposal to do critques using the SAQA outline.
Achieving a workable group means meeting regularly, probably in the lower mainland.
Everyone present agreed to think about what they want this branch of SAQA to do for them and then we will create goals that we hope will include all members.
We made a start and we will keep moving forward with the participation os all the great members and new members to come
Jill Sullivan

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