Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Connecting with Manitoba Members

When teaching and judging in Winnipeg for the Manitoba Prairie Quilters Guild at Quilt Reflections 2012 approached I sent out an email to members and friends to join me for an informal lunch at the quilt show venue. I was pleased to connect with member Val Wilson and three interested art quilters (one who had traveled from Kamploops) on April 13th to meet in person and answer questions, elaborate a little more on the SAQA Members' "Best of the West" show, share some great food and talk about my own membership journey which began in 2005.
Sunday night I connected with our other member in Winnipeg over dinner. I feel very positive about the future of SAQA in Manitoba - interest is genuine and positive. I found it worthwhile to make the time and meet. Can't wait to see everyone's name on the membership update in the near future.Thanks everyone who made time to connect and share!

Anna Hergert,
SAQA rep for SK/MB

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