Friday, May 25, 2012

Update for Travelling Trunk Show        
 May 25th, 2012
To all Canadian SAQA Western members that are participating in “Meet the Best of the West” Travelling SAQA Trunk Show” June 1st 2012 through to May 31st, 2014
The Show coordinator of our first Trunk Show June 8 & 9th Red Deer needs me to give her all the names of members taking part. The Title  of your piece , your name and where you come from. She needs this information by Monday May 28th,  if I have not yet received your piece please email me this information. Please remember to include your “Artist statement” and signed waiver below, when shipping your pieces.  I have a program called Dragon where I will voice activate your statement back onto my computer so everybody’s font is the same for the catalogue. The catalogue will begin once I have everyone’s pieces in my possession, so this means it will Not be ready for our first show, but I hope to have some DVD’s done -up. My first priority is to get all your pieces onto a DVD and ship it to Lucie Hein’s at “The Royal Alberta Museum”, this way she has it for their committee decision meeting first week of September, before they break for the summer!
I will be shipping each piece into its own large zip-lock bag.  Your name will be placed on it with a copy of your waiver and artist statement inside. On the outside a photo that I will take will be attached. That way each piece will be individually packaged and there will be No confusion of whose piece is whose?
So for those that have yet to send me your piece please remember to include  your “ Artist Statement” your signed waiver and email your “Title and where you are from by this Sunday if your piece is coming after Monday, Thank you!
For those that have sent me your piece, with its own packaging & labelling. Thank you I will use it. I will still use a zip-lock bag over-top for those that sent cloth, just for protection from possible dampness.
I have a plastic container that will hold all your individually wrapped pieces for travel and shipping purposes. I have business Insurance while the pieces are in my procession; I am looking into Insurance while they are travelling around Western Canada. I am hoping each of you have your own insurance so that way I only need to get a floater onto mine.
For those that still need to send me your piece: Please forward too:  Patti Morris, 61 Allan Close, Red Deer, Alberta. T4R1A4 Phone number 1403-347-3247  Let Canada Post know that you are shipping your piece to " Morris Fabric Art Designs" and use my Venture One card number for a discount . My number is 9285288 

#1 Our first show will be June 8th & 9th   2012 “The Central Alberta Quilt Show Red Deer” Set-up June 5th Google for directions & times

#2 Show dates TBA at “The Royal Alberta Museum” Edmonton. 2012.

#3 The National Juried Show “Quilt B.C. Penticton May 15th-> 19th 2013.  Confirmed.

 Updates for upcoming shows or availability can be followed at
Our goal is to have a professional catalogue done up listing each artist’s work and Artist statement. When you submit your piece please include in Roman Times Font your artist statement less than 75 words and your contact if you wish to be known.  Label attached to the back of your piece with name, address & contact. A 2 inch finished sewn in sleeve at the top with 1 inch to spare from each end of your sleeve to hang your piece properly with a dowel. This will allow us to hang pieces without the hanging apparatus showing. Pieces need to lie flat.  Please include the signed disclaimer
I must say everyone’s piece is truly spectacular! Better than what is currently hanging on my walls in my own home! I believe this will be one of the best shows SAQA has ever put on So big thanks to all of you! We are so proud of you guys!  We’re going in first class all the way!
Disclaimer Please include with your piece
 I hereby give my permission for my work to be photographed for publicity purposes, and possible inclusion in a catalogue publication, I am committed to having my work displayed from June 1st 2012 to May 31st 2014.Any gallery owners and organizers will reserve the right to select pieces that are cohesive in colour or theme.____________________________________________________
Signature                                                                                  Date

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