Thursday, January 24, 2013


Good morning .. I know that this whole problem with the journals has been frustrating for many in out region.
Hopefully the all the bugs have been erased and in future everyone will receive all SAQA mail outs in a more timely manner.
In the interim, all the journals, including the one we are waiting for, are on the SAQA website. Just sign in and go the the heading SAQA Publications, choose the journal option. When you get there you will see that the 2013 Winter issue is also on the site which seemed annoying when we still don't have the fall one, but soon all this should be solved. The journals have been arriving in the last week or so. If you do not get it within the next week, please let me know.

Jill Sullivan/ BC

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  1. I got my fall issue last week and let Martha know. Apparently the first batch intended for non-US delivery were sent by the mailer (not the SAQA office) to a completely different group of international artists. Life happens!