Friday, December 6, 2013

A Review from a Visitor to The Burgess Shale Project

This morning I received this e-mail, and am delighted to have permission to pass it along to you.  The Burgess Shale Project is a hit!

Hi Patti and Margaret,
I wanted to email you right away to tell you that I had an opportunity to see the quilts in your Burgess Shale exhibit yesterday.
First of all… They are ALL magnificent!! I mean that with many exclamation marks!! My parents and I drove out to Turner Valley school yesterday in -20° C conditions, where we met my sister and the librarian Carol. I must also say that the published book that goes with the show, while it is a terrific addition, doesn’t do those quilts one bit of justice. In fact, the little book pales in comparison to the bright dynamic quilts seen in person!! Every one of them was a stand alone work of art, as I walked from one to the next, I couldn’t wait to inspect the beautiful fabrics, stitches, layers and appreciated each creative interpretation of each “critter”. 
The librarian, Carol, was sure pleased to have them. She had them hung nicely, some she was embarrassed to say had to be hung too high as there wasn’t enough good spaces to put them. I didn’t mind that, as it was a library and she was just trying to give them all their deserved viewing space. She said the kids response to them was outstanding, viewing the backs as interesting as the fronts.
You should ALL be so proud of your talented group of quilt artists. I would LOVE to participate in something like this in the future. I am hoping that through SAQA there will be other opportunities to come. Those beautiful little quilts have all inspired me to be the quilt artist I know I can be.
I enjoyed the show immensely and look forward to seeing it again,Alison

The Burgess Shale Project will be at Turner Valley School through  December 11.  From there it moves to the Bighorn Library in Exshaw, Alberta, from December 18 through January 22, 2014.  Further information and a pdf calendar of the exhibit's venues can be found through the TREX website.

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