Friday, February 7, 2014

On and Off Our Walls

SAQA Atlantic Canada has a regular feature on its blog, entitled "What's on Your Wall?"  I've been keen to get something like it going here in the West.  To avoid blatant plagiarism, I've selected a different title (see above)...and hope to have a steady stream of contributors!  Just send me an e-mail describing what you're currently working on in your studio -- show entries (if sharing is permitted), class samples, etc.  Include photos either in the body of the document or as attachments.  Think of it as your blog-within-a-blog!  My e-mail address is linked to my name in the side-bar at the right. -- Margaret Blank, Co-Rep (Alberta)

And now...for our first contributor to this new blog feature!

Helene Blanchet is a textile artist who hails from Nova Scotia, but has lived in Calgary for the past couple of years and is continuing to create beautiful pieces in her studio there.  She has graciously shared this article that she has also submitted to the Atlantic Region's blog.  Without further ado...
I've been in Calgary for over two years now. I work at my textiles mostly during the winter months as I have a seasonal job as a gardener the rest of the year and find I’m too tired to quilt then. We fully intend to return home to Cape Breton, so while we are here I am trying to document our stay. I have decided to create my first series of work. It is called “Calgary Days” and each piece is 16” x 36”. I hope to have about 6 pieces in the end.

"The CFA" - Helene Blanchet, Calgary
This is “The CFA” and shows me arriving in Calgary in Nov 2011. This piece has been traveling around as part of the Fiber Arts Network’s “From Away” exhibit. 

Detail - "The CFA" - Helene Blanchet, Calgary

"The Gardener's House" - Helene Blanchet, Calgary

“The Gardener’s House” is a picture of my boss’ place and shows the type of work we’re able to achieve despite the many challenges of trying to garden in Calgary. I’m waiting to hear if it will be accepted into this year’s NJS in Ontario.

Detail - "The Gardener's House" - Helene Blanchet, Calgary

"The Apartment Building" - Helene Blanchet, Calgary
“The Apartment Building”. I am just putting the final touches on this piece. This is where we live in downtown Calgary and it’s a way for us to remember our many neighbours.
Detail - "The Apartment Building" - Helene Blanchet, Calgary

"Frank Lake" (WIP) - Helene Blanchet, Calgary
“Frank Lake” is my next attempt. This is where we took our son birding during the fall migration, so I’ll have to create a ton of tiny birds. This will be my first Prairie scape and is proving to be a bit of a challenge - so much yellow!

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