Sunday, April 13, 2014

Please Welcome...

An organization of colleagues...

Many of us belong to more than one "collective" -- more than one organization that reflects who we are and what we do.  One of these is Focus on Fibre Arts...which companioned with SAQA Western Canada and the Heritage Rug Hookers of Saskatoon -- under the auspices of the Royal Alberta Museum -- to assemble "Western Threads", which opened April 12.

Another is the Surface Design Association, which has a very active chapter in Alberta!  To whit: SDA (Alberta)'s very first exhibit...Do take some time to read about the opening HERE...and perhaps contact a friend/fellow-artist to congratulate him/her on a fine bit of work.  If you can, go to see the exhibit, which runs through April 29 at Atlantis Framing and Arts Studio. 4515 Manhatten Rd. S.E., Calgary.

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