Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SAQA Members In Successful Exhibit at Fish Creek Library

SAQA members Alison Cowitz, Diane Duncan and Trudy Cowan were part of a colourful exhibit that was shown recently in the light and airy space that is the Fish Creek Public Library in Calgary, AB.  The exhibit was sponsored by the Quilted Mouse Guild and hung in the library from September 8 through 27.

The theme for the show was a colour wheel challenge.  Each Guild member chose a colour (swatches from the work of Joen Wolfrom) and made a piece 16" W x 32" L (about 40 cm x 80 cm) to reflect their chosen colour.

Colour Wheel Challenge 1 - Unidentified artists

Colour Wheel Challenge 2 - Includes work of Diane Duncan

Colour Wheel Challenge 3 - Includes work
of Alison Cowitz and Trudy Cowan
Alison tells me that Trudy's white piece on the far right of the above photo was based on her work with our workshop presenter, Susan Purney Mark.

Here's some more work, including a large piece by Trudy:

And more by Alison and colleague, Marilyn Samuels

And encompassing the entire theme of this exhibit is this large piece by Vanecea Greene:

Thank you, Alison, Diane and Trudy, for sharing this show with the Region!

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