Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Mentorship Webinar: Organization PLUS!

Are you naturally organized about your art work and studio practice...or...could you use a little help?
Desi Vaughn, SAQA Rep Co-ordinator, has asked us to pass this information on to you from Deborah Boschert and the SAQA Education Committee...

"I’m thrilled to announce the first Mentorship Webinar for 2015. Please join us for Inventory, Productivity and Organization!   
SAQA members Barb McKie, Susie Monday and Jane Davila will share techniques they use to track inventory of their artwork, maximize productivity and stay organized as active, professional artists. Whether you use a Mac, a PC, an iPad or pen and paper, you’ll find some nuggets of inspiration for new ways to stay organized and productive." -- Deborah Boschert
SAQA Mentorship Webinar: Inventory, Productivity and Organization!
When? Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 12 noon Eastern Time
Please click the following link to register:
NOTE: registration is limited, but all SAQA members will have access to the full audio and video recording of the webinar on the SAQA website within a few days after the event.  -- This is a good thing, because I'm at my "day job" on Tuesdays... :-)

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