Saturday, June 20, 2015

May I Introduce You?

In less than 3 weeks, SAQA Western Canada has acquired two new Co-Reps!  Briefly mentioned in my last post, please welcome the Newest 'Kid' On Our Block:

Valerie (Val) Wilson
posing next to her creation, French Wonder
(Click on Val's name to find her website)

Like Coleen, Val is a seasoned artist.  She is a member of both the Fibre Art Network (FAN) and SAQA, and has contributed to exhibits for both organizations.  I asked her to tell us a bit about herself, so without further ado...
I have been quilting since 2000. I had always wanted to make quilts, like my grandmother had made – all scrappy and soft colours. My friend talked me in to making a couple of block of the month, and mystery, quilts. These were fun and a great learning experience. I learned, especially, that what I really wanted to do was make pictures with fabric.
My passion is to capture unique moments in time in my quilts. Although I occasionally dabble in abstracts, I find that I am drawn back to realism. I love using colour, and the tactile qualities of fabric and thread, to create original art.  I find my inspiration in the world that surrounds me, but I am particularly drawn to subjects in history, and nature.
Always seeking knowledge, and wanting to develop my expertise further, I have trained with fibre artists from around the world. With a love for being involved in any organization of which I am a member, I became the Fibre Art Network (FAN) Membership Co-ordinator in 2004, when I joined this co-operative of professional, Western Canadian fibre artists. And now a SAQA co-rep!
My award-winning work has been exhibited from British Columbia to St. John’s, Newfoundland in Canada, and internationally from New Zealand to Houston, Texas. I have a solo exhibition coming up in 2016 at the Portage Arts Centre Art Gallery, in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.
I teach courses on a regular basis both here in Winnipeg and across Canada.
I was born in Carberry, Manitobaamong the rolling sand hills. Craving change, I sampled life in the university town of Kitchener-Waterloo for a few years, but then decided that I could no longer resist the pull of the sunny climes of Manitoba, and now reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
With a full complement of Co-Reps once again, SAQA Western Canada is ready to take on a retreat, "pod" activities, and the up-coming All-Canada/All-SAQA combined exhibits, "My Corner of the World" and "My Corner of the World: Canada".  I don't know about you, but for me, it feels like the start of a new year!  ;-)

P.S. For Facebook fans, you can find each of us there:

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