Saturday, March 12, 2016

Opening SOON in B.C.!

B.C. member Catherine Nicholls has passed on this information to share.  Catherine is collaborating with B.C. member Anni Hunt on this exhibit, which opens March 25:

The text in the body of the above photo reads as follows:
The eminent artist Emily Carr wrote about "whisperings...murmurings..." of the forest in her 1936 journal, reprinted in the book Sunlight in the Shadows - The Landscape of Emily Carr.  These words have inspired Anni Hunt and Catherine Nicholls to explore the wonders of the West Coast rain forest. In an all-new exhibition to be held from March 26 to May 15 at the Fibre Works Art Gallery in Madeira Park, these textile artists present their own observations and feelings for the stunning forest landscape.  Natural materials as inspiration and media have led these two to listen carefully to the "whisperings" of the forest and record what they hear.  
Visit Fibre Works Gallery for more information!

Oooh!  How this writer would love to see this one.  Thank you, Catherine!

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