Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Calgary Road Trip

The Calgary-area POD opened it's first local exhibit, "Road Trip", at the Fish Creek Library on Sunday, April 18.  It was a gloriously sunny and warm day -- perfect for the 2 1/2 hour drive down the QE II to meet and greet the artists, and to take in this excellent show.

The atmosphere in the space was electric -- full of artistic energy, conversation and questions from the curious public.  Three long-time friends I'd not seen in years came by to view the exhibit -- and to see me, which was a sweet gesture on their part.  As I mentioned earlier this week on my personal blog, like an art show and sale, often an art opening is as much attended for the connections -- and re-connections -- one makes with the viewers and potential purchasers, as it is for the art itself.  Art-making and art-viewing bring people together.

It was wonderful to meet all the members I'd not yet met, to talk about SAQA with them, their friends, family and members of the general public who came by -- some who were just visiting the library and paused to take in this beautiful, unique artwork.  I managed to get a photo of several of the artists with their pieces, so...

Without further ado..."Road Trip"

Back Roads: 766 Calgary to Bergen, Alberta
(C) Lynda Williamson, 2016

Tree Tunnels 2 - Provence
(C) Nan Williams, 2016

Nan with Tree Tunnels

Road Trip Home
(C) Christina Thomas, 2016

Take Me for a Ride
(C) Lorraine Ross, 2016
Arizona Petroglyphs
(C) Janet Scruggs, 2016
Janet with ...Petroglyphs

(C) Marie McEachern, 2016

Marie with Sedona
Heart of the Rockies
(C) Margaret Jessop, 2016

Margaret with ...Rockies
Side View
(C) Terri Illingworth, 2016

Terri with Side View
Cabot Trail
(C) Theresa Duncan, 2016

Theresa with Cabot Trail
Grand Tour - Fading Memories
(C) Diane Duncan, 2016

Diane and 'Assistant' with
Grand Tour

Ride Like the Wind
(C) Alison Dean Cowitz, 2016

Alison with Ride...
Wind Hound
(C) Joyce Brown, 2016
How I Spent My Summer Vacations
(C) Leslie Barnes, 2016

For those in the area, this exhibit runs until April 30 at the Fish Creek Public Library in Calgary.  Free parking is available in the South Centre Mall parking lot right next door -- no busy streets to cross -- and there is easy access to the Library by Light Rail Transit (LRT).

Several of the pieces are available for purchase; interested parties will have to contact the artist in question.

Please note as well that two of the above artists -- Marie McEachern and Janet Scruggs -- have pieces in the up-coming touring exhibit, My Corner of the World: Canada, which opens at the Stratford Perth Museum, Stratford, Ontario, on May 21.

Several others have pieces in Edge of the Forest, produced by the Surface Design Association, which is currently touring in British Columbia, and/or have work touring with the Fibre Art Network, an organization of fibre artists from across Western Canada.

Posted by Margaret Blank, Co-Rep (AB), SAQA Western Canada

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