Wednesday, March 21, 2018

SAQA Conference 2020!!!

Did you know that SAQA is hosting its first International Conference outside the U.S. in 2020?!

It's TRUE!  And it's in Toronto.  The Central Canada Region is...well...central as far as location, and has a significant number of members available to make this happen...

But...they STILL NEED ALL OF US to help make it a success!

Two years is short when you're planning a large conference


The call has now gone out for volunteers in various capacities.

And yes, there will be things we can do from afar, and also on site during the conference!

The following is a message from Chair of the Local Organizing Committee, Maggie Vanderweit, shared by Bethany Garner on the SAQA Central Canada blog this morning.  It's time for us to join our colleagues, figure out what we're able to contribute, and work together to make this the best SAQA International Conference ever!

Here is a list of committees/tasks that we will be doing for the 2020 SAQA conference at the downtown Hilton Hotel in Toronto. I hope you will consider joining us to help create a spectacular event.

My role, as Chair of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will be to interface with SAQA and help the committees run smoothly.

Regional Exhibition (Canada)
- Tracey Lawko is chair of this committee
- we are looking for a theme/name for this show ASAP, please send ideas to me and Tracey
- this committee needs to get to work right away
- we hope it will travel and have a catalogue

Possible Exhibition at the Hilton during the conference?
- invitational for regional reps/board members to hang in hotel

Conference Theme/Name
please send ideas to me ASAP - brief, sassy, smart, something we can build a conference around
- e.g. 2018 TEXtiles is in San Antonio, Texas (clever, right?)

- Friday night we will go out in small groups for dinner
- organize this event, choose and reserve great local restaurants

Spotlight Auction
- help SAQA mat the pieces and place in cellophane envelope, plus add label

Local Gallery and Museum Tours

Pre and Post Conference Bus Tours?
- e.g. Niagara, St Jacob’s/Elora

Local Transportation during Conference

Welcome Package
- gather tourist materials from galleries, museums, restaurants, Toronto maps
- program guide, lanyard, banquet tickets, hotel floor plan etc
- gifts from sponsors?

Volunteers for each presentation/workshop during Conference
- man the doors, run errands etc
- can be any conference attendee

Local person to receive boxes of Conference supplies

Conference Program
- recruit advertisers and sponsors

Please let me know by email where you best see yourself and if you are willing to chair a committee, or would prefer a helper role. I will be sending this invitation to participate to the other regions in Canada as some jobs can be done with email/internet and the more all Canadian SAQA members are involved, the better!

Maggie Vanderweit
Central Canada Regional Representative
Studio Art Quilts Associates

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