Monday, January 13, 2020

Your Professional Toolkit SAQA Seminar 2020

One of the benefits of your SAQA membership is participating in online seminars.

Launched in 2016, SAQA Seminar is an annual project offered through the Education Committee just for SAQA members. It provides members with opportunities to learn more about a particular topic, share their expertise, ask questions, have conversations, and meet new people.
SAQA Seminar is a multi-media collection of content that will be released weekly over a 6 week period. It will include articles, resources, video conversations, and more. All the offerings are accessible online.

Considering moving your art in a more professional direction?  Wondering where to find information about the possibilities and pitfalls, how others have navigated this path, and most importantly, what you might need on your journey? Then this seminar is for you!
This year's theme is YOUR PROFESSIONAL TOOLKIT.  It covers six topics:
  • Exhibiting Your Art
  • Marketing Your Art
  • Selling Your Art
  • Sharing Your Art Online
  • Multiple Income Streams from Your Art
  • Elevating Your Art Career.
The six-week session will begin January 27, 2020. New content will be released throughout February and the program will conclude March 6.
Registration is open now! Login to mySAQA is required. 

1 comment:

  1. I've registered! I confess that at 67, I don't want a full-on "career", BUT I'm always open to learning something new, and my experience participating in SAQA Seminars...well, let's just say that they're very well done!