Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Launch off to a Great Start

Thanks to all you members with Eagle Eyes!
Launching this blog was well worth the effort already! I have never heard from so many of you! It is great to know that this site will provide a tool for communication for all of us!
I appreciate your feedback and notes to point out what might be missing on this blog and what could/should be added. One dilemma I have not been able to solve is linking the name with the website of those that have them. If you have experience with this on blog spot, please email me and I will tidy up the sidebar to contain names only. Right now you have to copy and paste the url into the browser... a bit inconvenient!
Meanwhile I have updated the Portfolio information. Any of you members who have not obtained PAM status, please reconsider. There will be one more PAM evaluation committee meeting in March just prior to the call for entry for Portfolio 18. Here is a link to the info on how to become a PAM.


  1. You should hyperlink that link, otherwise people have to cut & paste. Its easy to do at the top of the message post, first click on the word or site name, then add the link.

  2. Hi Anna,
    To make the links in the sidebar 'clickable' you need to go into the Dashboard/Design section of the blog. You need to edit the area where you have listed the members and put in the HTML to create the links to each person's website. Email me directly and I can probably walk you through it. Daphne Greig (