Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Promise Kept...

A New Year -  New Goals to Meet! Welcome to the newly launched SAQA Western Canada  blog.

Plans to design and publish this particular blog to provide a common platform to members have been in the design stages for some time. Members and guests alike are encouraged to visit the site often. As with any blog the premise will be to generate discussion of relevant topics, post calls for entries and provide a forum for feedback and suggestions.

Members names have been posted on the sidebar with appropriate links to their website or blog.  Future goals include the creation of a rotating slide show of member's work. Please communicate your expectations for this blog with your reps!

With this brand-new blog for the group I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the newest co-rep to you. After nearly 3 years of growing the membership in Western Canada solo I invited M. Jill Sullivan from Sechelt, BC to join me in the SAQA effort. With steadily growing membership numbers I am pleased that BC now has their very own SAQA rep. Jill and I will work together on your behalf.

Feel free to comment below or contact us directly!

Happy New Year!

Anna Hergert (SK rep) & Jill Sullivan (BC)


  1. Anna thanks for all your hard work in getting the blog up and running plus your efforts in raising the profile of SAQA in Western Canada. It's one of the reasons I joined SAQA.

  2. Anna, how great it is to see this! How much easier it will be now to invite all those Western Canadian SAQA members who are going to the Denver Conference to let me know -- so we can organize an All-Canadian meet-and-greet. :-) Thanks for all your hard work on this -- and for your continued encouragement online and through your own 'Connecting Design Threads' newsletter.

  3. Anna,

    thank you so much for setting this up, its great to see so many friends as members of SAQA. I'm looking forward to visiting lots more websites and getting to know others.
    Susan Purney Mark