Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Message from the SAQA President

From Sandra Sider:

After three months of settling into my new position as SAQA's President, I have been thinking about the challenges of this honor and how I might best serve our members.  I have been phoning the SAQA regional representatives, listening to their concerns and ideas, and speaking with individual members.  Below are the three main goals that I hope to accomplish between now and the fall of 2013, with your help.

1. Guide the Board through a five-year long-range planning process, in which we look to the future of our organization and determine how we can better serve the members. We have a planning committee in place, chaired by Kris Sazaki, and have already begun meeting via conference calls.  Our long-range planning will be the focus of two days of Board meetings in Denver.

2. Chair the SAQA Endowment Campaign (to be launched this spring), with the goal of raising at least $150,000 by the end of 2013 in a permanent fund, whose earnings will enable some of the initiatives in #1 to be developed, and also support our other projects.  Soon you will be receiving a letter in the mail about the endowment campaign, and we will have an endowment page on the web site.

3. Travel across the U.S. and Canada, giving critique sessions without any fee for our regional groups, raising the awareness of quilts as an art form and encouraging the establishment of local critique groups.  These sessions, directed especially toward non-PAM members, will include works in progress as well as completed quilts. 

Thank you to the Western Canada members that have already expressed interest in Sandra's offer to visit and offer a free critique session. If you are interested, please let your regional rep know as soon as possible, so we can begin to plan a visit by SAQA president Sandra Sider.

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