Thursday, February 10, 2011

PAM Membership Info

SAQA offers two memberships. While all members are eligible to participate in Calls for Entry across the board, the Call for Submission for inclusion in the SAQA Portfolio is open exclusively to PAMs.

Consider applying for PAM membership, if you have contemplated a status change over the past year. The deadline for consideration by the PAM selection committee is March 1st! There is still time for you to gather and organize the required documentation!

Click here to see what you need to do!

Not quite convinced yet? Here are some other perks for PAMs...

1.  Work in the Gallery of SAQA’s web site, which then becomes part of the Home Page slide show.
2.  Listing in the Teachers Workshops/Lectures section of the web site.
3.  Work included in the annual SAQA Portfolio -- in 2010 SAQA sent 4000 copies to museums, galleries, architects, interior designers, art consultants, etc.
4.  Work included in the SAQA PowerPoint, which is rented out to various groups.
5.  Eligibility for special exhibit opportunities.
6.  Notice of professional opportunities.
7.  Personal satisfaction from supporting the world’s largest organization for art quilters and its work to promote the art quilt.

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  1. I've seen. I've considered. I'm not There yet. But if I get accepted for a booth at the Lacombe Art Exhibit and Sale (technically, a solo show of sorts)...then maybe I'll think about putting together a proposal for a show at the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery or in the Discovery Gallery of the ACC...and if such a show takes place, then I will be worthy!