Friday, March 28, 2014

On and Off Our Walls

It's time for the We-Hope-Spring-Comes-Soon Edition of On and Off Our Walls!  :-)

Calgary member, Alison Cowitz, has been busy; today she shares this work with you:

This is what’s been on my wall for the past few weeks. Meet “Ozzie”. I started him in a summer 2013 class at Along Came Quilting (Calgary) given by Roxanne Nelson, who is super talented (who can forget her parrot that was at Quilt Canada when it was in Calgary!) I was not the best student, as it was hard for me to work with tiny little pieces.

"Ozzie" at the outset

 I really didn’t see myself spending the next 5-10 years creating this piece. I had some other projects going on at the time the class was given, so I didn’t make much progress. However, I got back to work on it this past February. This is 5 weeks later… almost everyday I was able to work on it I had fun taking it in different directions. I still have the quilting to do, not my fort√©, but I’m excited about where my dog portrait is headed. 

"Ozzie" - pre-quilting

 Isn't he terrific?  Thanks for sharing, Alison; we look forward to seeing the quilted piece!

Photo courtesy of Central Alberta Quilt Guild

at the
Friday, April 4 and Saturday, April 5
Westerner Park, Red Deer

I hope to have a table in the refreshment area for the hours of 11 a.m. through 1 p.m. both days.  It would be great to meet and greet any and all SAQA Western Canada members who attend!  Look for a short-haired greying woman with glasses sitting at a table on which rests a plate of cookies.  :-)
I'll be hand-stitching facings on pieces that are going in a show and sale in Lacombe at the end of April, so grab a beverage at the refreshment counter and come by, take a load off your feet, enjoy a cookie and say "hi"!

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