Saturday, March 1, 2014

What's In Your Library?

Are you a bibliophile?  I confess!  I am!  Here's just a peek at the book storage in my sewdio:

Okay; my love of the written word has spilled over into my studio...

In truth, though, I am of a generation (b. 1952) that puts greater credence into the printed word than in the digital one.  It matters not a jot that I've been blogging for over ten years.  Apparently, that makes me some sort of pioneer.  So be it.

When I am in the midst of research for a project, I confess I prefer to be able to find it in HARD copy, so I can attach a bookmark of some sort and come back to it easily, without having to print it out first.


That said, this new blog column (to be interspersed with (I hope), "On and Off Our Walls") is intended to be a resource for member who, I hope, will contribute and share:

  1. What you like to read (art-related or not):
  2. Favourite websites;
  3. Favourite sources of inspiration;
  4. Poetry;
  5. Ideas;
  6. Technique sources...

and whatever else strikes your fancy.

PLEASE e-mail me at margblank AT xplornet DOT ca -- to offer favourite books/magazines/e-zines etc. and/or to contribute to the "On and Off Our Walls" column.  I'd like to alternate weeks.

Thank you for your support! ;-)

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