Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Year = New Members!

Welcome to new SAQA WC members Judy Clements of Berwyn, AB, and Carole Gold of Peace River, AB!

I confess, I had to look up Berwyn!  Turns out it's also part of "Peace Country". 37 km. west of Peace River and 171 km north of Grande Prairie.  Turns out, too, that it's population is only about 56 more than my wee hamlet of Mirror, out here in Central Alberta (526 in 2011 to our 470 or so...)..."PEACE" country in more ways than one...

I hope these new members have the opportunity to view The Burgess Shale exhibit while it was on display in their area (it's currently in Slave Lake)...

Judy and Carole, welcome aboard!  Please don't hesitate to contact any of your Co-Reps if you have any questions (see the right-hand side-bar)...and maybe we'll meet up at Quilt Canada in Lethbridge in June!

P.S. If you'd like to tell us a bit about yourselves and your works, contact Margaret (Co-Rep, AB) re: being one of our "Featured Members" or about sharing your work "On and Off Our Walls".

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