Sunday, November 15, 2015

Art Quilts for Sale!

Those of you entering the juried shows, "My Corner of the World" and/or "My Corner of the World: Canada", will have noticed that to participate you have to offer your piece(s) for sale.  If this is a new experience for you, please have a look at the resources on the SAQA website and outlined wonderfully in THIS BLOG POST by SAQA Atlantic Canada's blogger, Susan Lilley.

I am indebted to Susan because I've been under the weather with a cold for the last week and haven't had enough brain cells operating to think to post about this myself!  :-)

And What of Photography?

Earlier this week I had a query from a Calgary-area member about photographing her quilts for entry.  I am blessed with a daughter whose photography skills have lead to her being published in books and calendars, and to having her work for sale independently and in shop(s) in I left my photos up to her!

If you aren't so lucky...check out the article on photographing your quilts HERE on the SAQA website (in Member Resources).  In addition, in the Member Mentorship Webinar recordings for 2010 you will find a recording by professional photographer, Gregory Case, which should be helpful.  (Those of you who are long-time subscribers to The Quilt Show will likely recognize Mr. Case's name; he's appeared several times on that show over the years, discussing tips and techniques for photographing your work.)

And...don't forget your colleagues!  Several of them have successfully entered juried shows and/or had their own solo don't be afraid to check with those you know who've got experience in this area.

Best wishes for success to all who enter!

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