Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Do You Read the Times?

The New York Times, that is?

If so, then the article spotted therein on Feb. 2 by Alberta member Bush Eastep may not be news to you -- but it was to me, and it was (IMHO) news worthy of sharing!  Yes...I know I've sent this information off to Western Canada in a Regional e-mail, but other regions read our SAQA WC blog too, so I am repeating it here, paraphrased briefly:

Art quilts made the news in the New York Times this week!  Appearing in the 'Art & Design' section on February 2, the article describes an exhibit by a guild in Oakland, CA.  Three of the artists mentioned are SAQA members in California. 

To enjoy and be inspired, click HERE!   Thank you, Bush!

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