Saturday, February 27, 2016

More Exhibits Worth Viewing!

Lesley Turner
B.C. member Lesley Turner is an artist with a clutch of exhibits happening this spring.  Yesterday she posted on her blog about the installation of "Aunty Flow Speaks Out", a collaboration with Kirsten Horel, at the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria.  The piece is part of an exhibit the CACGV is mounting at its Bay Centre gallery -- Women Hold Up Half the Sky -- in honour of International Women's Day.  This exhibit is on now and runs through March 13.

Oh to be able to take that in on an Artists' Date!

In addition to this newly-opened exhibit, Lesley -- with several SAQA Western Canada colleagues -- has work in Edge of the Forest (see this blog post) which will open at the Coast Collective Arts Centre in Victoria in March and at Fibreworks Gallery, Pender Harbour, B.C., in July.  She also has several exhibits throughout the spring and summer at Tulista Gallery and other B.C. venues throughout the Spring and Summer.  For more details, check the side-bar of her blog HERE.

Later this Spring, in Central Ontario...the Encounter Art Quilt Group from Israel will be exhibiting their work at the Jewish Community Centre in London, Ontario.  Several of the artists in the group are SAQA members. 

To quote from today's post on the SAQA Central Canada blog,
Encounters” was established in 2009 and includes 15 Israeli Art Quilt artists[Their] meetings are bi - monthly, and the emphasis in each meeting is the exchange of opinions, ideas, mutual enrichment and fertilization, practice new techniques and work toward exhibiting our works together. 
The exhibit's theme, "Song of Songs" is taken from the book by the same name (sometimes called the "Song of Solomon") found in the Hebrew Scriptures (referred to by Christians as the Old Testament).

Christine Seager, Co-Rep for SAQA: Europe and the Middle East, shares this information about the theme and the artists' inspiration:
The book incorporated Love Songs: between a lover and his wife, among family members and the love of Israel and their God.
Many verses were composed into songs that are an inspiration to feelings and emotions, describes colors and intensity, and glorify landscapes and way of life.  
Each quilter chose different symbols she felt expresses the verse of inspiration in the best way: flowers or thorns, fruits (apples, pomegranates and grapes), depicted places, use traditional images and symbols to create colorful, realistic and poetic exciting quilts.
Some of the topics you'll find in this exhibition:

  • "As the lily among thorns": symbolizes Israel surrounded by a hostile environment.  

  • "My Beloved"; "Doves eyes"; "The fairest of women": an expression of a private love.

  • "Doves in the clefts of the rock": descriptions of nature viewed from a home window or caves in the desert.

  • "Refresh me with apples"; "Apple among the woods": the female's voice point of view, seductive, full of love and loaded with Garden of Eden features.
On my wish list now?  A prayer that this exhibit would be held over through the end of May so I could see it when I'm in the area for the opening of the My Corner of the World exhibits!

Meanwhile...those of you in the Region who are having solo shows or have work in wider exhibits in your area or elsewhere -- whether those showings are SAQA-founded or not! -- please let your Co-Reps know so that this information can be shared with your colleagues.

Viewing the work of other artists, colleagues and others, is one way to fill the well of inspiration we all carry within as we create our own work.  Soak it in and enjoy!

Special thanks to Bethany Garner (Co-Rep, Central Canada) and Christine Seager for passing on this information.

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